Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Blues

BIG CONGRATS to Melanie and Ryan on their beautiful wedding day this past Saturday. It turned out to be gorgeous and sunny and everything went off without a hitch...Well everything, that is, except the cake....

Back a few years ago I did a cake decorating class. I've had people ask me to do cakes since moving home and even though I'm very out of practice, I've done a couple. Birthday cakes, no problem. Melanie's wedding cake, BIG problems!

Mel asked me a while back to do her cake and I did agree. Ryan's aunt had already made the 3 layers of fruit cake and all I would have to do was decorate. They wanted something very simple and I thought it would be a great challenge and experience in the cake-decorating business.

OMG! What a (near) disaster! I spent a VERY late night on Friday trying to perfectly smooth-out the icing on the cake. I put a little bit of ribbon around the edge. Looked pretty good, I must say. We packed up the cake to bring to the hall. Got to the hall and had to wait about an hour for someone to come and unlock the building and it was getting close to the time for the reception. We then got the cake out of the back of the truck and the middle layer was nearly completely destroyed. Our bumpy and hilly journey from Birchy Head to Trout River had resulted in the cake rubbing up against the glass dish it was in and the icing was half off. The top layer was smudged. I brought extra icing with me but I wasn't expecting THAT! Then we went to put the cake together after the icing repairs and the cake table and the cake holder thingy was so high up I couldn't get the pillars in between each layer to properly line-up. I was seriously almost ready to burst into tears, I thought for sure I had ruined Melanie's wedding. Anyways, Mom and I got it pretty much together and added the Gerbera daisies to the cake. Those were very nice and more importantly, hid a LOT of the flaws of the cake.

So it appeared we had saved the day. I apologized profusely to Melanie and warned her to be careful with the cutting of the cake because it wasn't the most sturdy. And then, to top things off, part way through the reception, after people continuously nudging up against the cake table to fit into their chairs, the top layer of the cake actually started to slide!!!! Yes!!! Slide!!! I was SO embarrassed and mortified. I tried desperately to fix that too but the cake still ended up looking slightly crooked in the pictures.

Needless to say I think this was my FIRST and my LAST wedding cake! (as if anyone would ever ask me after that fiasco).

Heading to Ontario later this evening. I promise to post a picture of the cake when I return for all to see.


Quirky Christa said...

Don't give up it's all part of it. Even with my photography I've had a LOT of disasters but all comes with learning & experience :) Chin up!!
PS: Can't wait to see you ;)

Daphne Hughes said...

I think the cake looked great. I agree with Christa in saying don't give up. If you really want to feel better about your cake then check out this blog that I read all the time There are professionals out there that make you look really really good. :)