Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Choice is Made

I was reminded today by Christa that I really needed to add a post regarding my decision to purchase a house.

And Jamie and I have chosen....

Drumroll please...

Option #4
This was the teachers house. The typical kinda newfie house with the really nice landscaping, swing set, basketball net, and 2-storey shed.

We are VERY excited!

We close on the 30th of this month. We are actually going to spend the first few days painting and laying carpet on the bedrooms before we move our furniture.

Sorry to leave you hangin' like that....and now you know!

P.S. I'm in Ontario right now and am so excited about getting to see Vicki and Christa today...thanks girls for an awesome lunch! I SO needed the girl time and the good chat!


Daphne Hughes said...

I had to ask Mom which house you bought because I was tired of waiting. lol. You know me and my curiousity.

Stephanie said...

you guys must be so rxcited-congrats