Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blue Crayon on My Skirt

So, does anyone know how to get crayon out of fabric (specifically a cotton/nylon/spandex blend)?

Sarah decided to colour on my light grey skirt that I had layed out for church this morning.

If any of you read Christa's blog you will see on the right hand side how she has been adding "Items Boone has tried to eat/has eaten" (Boone's their puppy dog).

I'm thinking I may need to add a column entitled "Items Sarah has Coloured On":
Easel (not the paper on the easel, the easel itself)
Our new leather ottoman
Table cloth
Couch cushions
Her clothing (mostly the sleeves of her shirts...??)
Mommy's clothing (as stated above)
Mommy's scrapbook paper
Books (that are not "colouring" books)
Glass panes in our french doors
Berber carpeting

Surprising, crayon does INDEED mark on these items. I thought we were safe with crayons and only markers would do such "damage".

And now, don't get me wrong. I am very excited about Sarah's new found love of crayons. I love colouring myself and often get caught up in scribbling and drawing cartoons and such. And I believe I have been very patient and understanding about my soon-to-be-2-year-old sorting out the wrongs and rights of crayon etiquette. I didn't even get upset about the skirt. In fact, I still wore it to church. (who has time to pick out a new outfit on a sunday morning?)

However, some pointers are appreciated if any of you have experience with this phase of toddlerhood. (my sister did tell me the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the stuff you use to wash your hands without the little bottle you can put in your purse...what's that called?, mommy brain not working...oh yes, ok, the anti-bacterial hand cleanser, that's what I'm trying to say...that's supposed to take stuff off surfaces too but I don't have any so I haven't tried it).

So far, knock on wood, Sarah has not coloured on the walls. Surprising! I am anxiously awaiting the day.


Stephanie said...

As I read this Rylan is walking around marking on everything with chalk-chalk is much easier to clean then crayons so I give him that lol

Photo Quilts said...

I've used that magic eraser on furniture and walls and it works great but plain old baking soda does the same job - not sure if it would work on your skirt though. When my kids were that age I bought washable crayons - they don't color as well but they are awesome for toddlers. I think they are called "my first crayons" or somthing like that and they are made by crayola. I have the mommy brain problem too.

Bobbi-Ann said...

Just last week, Ethan was quiet, and I decided a 2 year old quiet is not always a good sign, so when I walk into his bedroom at my in-laws, I see him with his back turned towards the door, when I walk over to him, he has a red crayon colouring on her light grey carpet, and there is already bright yellow all over it!!! Luckily she keeps carpet cleaner on hand, so as I'm gone to get that, Ethan decided to hide it with his toy box, so when I walk in his Cars Toy Box is over the spot and he says "Mommy its gone!!"