Friday, February 20, 2009

Terrible Two's

Yes, I believe we have hit the "terrible two's" in my house....I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I emailed Christa a couple of days ago and told her about it. She thought I should share. So here's the email I sent her (tweaked a little):

In the last few days, Sarah has:
coloured on the walls (i knew it was gonna happen sooner or later!),
pulled all manner of things out of the cupboards, including the molasses (now there's a big sticky mess!),
emptied a full container of cheesies on the carpet,
locked herself in the bathroom,
disappeared to "play" in the basement by herself while I was in the washroom and then I temporarily couldn't find her because she refused to answer when called, threw my folded laundry all over the bed,
squirmed around so much during a diaper change that the diaper ripped in half, jumped on my bed (she can climb up there now although it's quite a high bed) and almost bounced right off,
decided she didn't like the ground beef in her pasta lunch and spit it all over the floor,
pulled all of the facecloths out of the bathroom closet,
detached some of the wiring on the surround sound and now our PVR stuff won't work, used her toy drum to climb and reach "dangerous" things in my buffet,
poured her juice into an empty ketchup bottle and then poured it all over the ottoman,
pulled the cats tail and nearly poked his eye out,
attempted to play "catch" with the cat using grapes she had as a snack,
dug her finger down inside two or three of my chapsticks and smeared it all over herself like cream,
squirted her Aveeno cream all over the carpet,
pulled all of her socks out of the drawer and pulled them apart (like I didn't have anything else to do except match up 40-something pairs of baby socks),
pulled Jamie's wallet off the counter and emptied it completely,
...but on the bright side, she hasn't peed on any of the furniture today so it's all good :)

The peeing part? Well, I've been trying to ease into potty training and have Sarah wear "panties" during the day sometimes. Sometimes she tells me she has to go, sometimes she doesn't and then pees wherever. I guess we're not quite there yet in the potty department.

And you'd think with all the things Sarah's been doing that I was never around the watch her. Truth is - she's getting very mischevious and does most of these things VERY quickly while I run downstairs for a couple minutes to throw in a load of laundry, go to the bathroom, quickly check my email in the next room, or otherwise have my back turned for only a moment.

And sometimes - I just let her explore and do the "Terrible-Two" stuff. I try to pick my battles. If unfolding all the socks keeps her occupied for 45 minutes so I can scrub the floors then I let her do that. If pulling stuff out of the cupboards keeps her occupied and won't cause her any harm, then I let her do that too.

Now if only I were fast enough with my camera lens to catch some of this stuff!


heather said...

Ahhh...I remember all those moments ( x3) but TRUST ME...I would rather clean up pots and pans then have to speak to a child 10 times over then have to yell to get them to listen and then only for them to backanswer you and really test my patience, or to be picking up their belongings again and agin when I thought I had taught them some responsibility from day one but.... i guess not(still trying to show them responsibility) gets worst MYRNA!!!!!! HELLLPPP--i'll switch a day/week/month with you anytime LOL ( well maybe not that long but....)

Stephanie said...

I`m right there with you...Yesterday he opened the oven door while I was cooking a lasagna. Luckily I was only an arms-length I need an oven-lock. Is there such thing??

Tara said...

Poor you.....and to think my preference is a 2-3 year old! Should I have my head checked!

Ahhh, all of that said - it's all stuff you'll have to giggle about later!

Good luck!

Photo Quilts said...

Oh I remember those days where your afraid to blink because they'll find somthing to get into within that half a second. lol. It gets better but only as a trade in for new worries. haha. I think it's time to add a new baby to the chaos don't you think :)

Della said...

I am right in the same boat, Shea is getting quite bad these days at least I know I am not the only one.