Friday, February 05, 2010

Raspberries and Rainbows...and Volleyball?

I've added a new Ticker
Over there ---->>
I sometimes refer to growing baby as "baby bean", "Little peanut", etc.
So when I saw this ticker with the size of wee bebe compared to fruit and nuts and berries and such...well, I just thought it was perfect!

8 Weeks
Still tired
But, overall, feeling good :)

Today, I'm making a rainbow birthday cake.
And not just ANY rainbow cake.
Little E wants a rainbow.
So, not only am I decorating a rainbow on TOP of the cake....
I'm also colouring the cake mix all different colours and making the cake ITSELF rainbow too!
When she cuts it...MORE rainbows!
Isn't that exciting?!
Well, maybe not to you.
But to little E it will be very exciting indeed!

Have a great weekend!
Boys Provincial Volleyball tournament happening here at our school...just like old times!
Girls, don't you just feel the boy-crazy 14-year-old in you itching to come out?! haha :D

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vicki said...

Oh yes, i do remember those days! Hanging out a bus window, scoping out the cute ones. haha Only to be 14 again.