Monday, May 03, 2010

Twenty Weeks

I'm half-way there!

It's scary to think that the second half of my pregnancy is probably going to go even faster than the first half with the summer season approaching and life getting busier by the second.

I'm excited, anxious, and (I think) even more nervous than I was having the first baby. Life is already hectic with a business and a 3-year old and I often wonder how I'll keep up or if I'm really cut out for this mommy business. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom - it's a rewarding job that fills your heart with so much joy you think sometimes you just might burst! But it's a job filled with constant guilt and worries and I often find myself questioning whether I deserve such blessings.

This 20 weeks has been different than with my first pregnancy:

Pregnancy #1: Tired only at the beginning, felt better than ever the rest of the time
Pregnancy #2: Still waiting for that burst of energy to kick in!

Pregnancy #1: Super organized with cleaning and tidying
Pregnancy #2: I sit and look at all the mess and wonder why it's not getting done ;)

Pregnancy #1: Felt lots of crazy movement starting at about 15 1/2 weeks
Pregnancy #2: Felt tiny movements early but it's sporatic, lighter, and not nearly as often.

Pregnancy #1: Slightly more weight gain early on
Pregnancy #2: Only 5 lbs so far - and actually have weeks of (unintentional) weight LOSS

Pregnancy #1: Was well into the 3rd trimester before peeing at night became an issue
Pregnancy #2: Holy constant pressure on the bladder!

Pregnancy #1: A lot of heartburn and swollen feet from the beginning
Pregnancy #2: So far so good

Pregnancy #1: Didn't have a clue about morning sickness
Pregnancy #2: A lot more nausea (at night at the beginning) but have thrown up only once on Easter Sunday morning.

Pregnancy #1: No cravings, save my normal desire for chocolate
Pregnancy #2: I seriously made a huge plate of french fries with hamburger meat and gravy one night at 10:00 because I was STARVING for it and just couldn't get it out of my head - bad! bad!

Pregnancy #1: Dreamt I was having a baby girl
Pregnancy #2: Dreamt about having a boy (although I still think it's another girl, and I'm totally fine with that!)

Things that are the same:
Lots of headaches
Very congested (especially at night)
Most people say they can't tell yet that I'm pregnant - showing but not a lot and still fitting into most of my regular clothes.

If you've had multiple pregnancies, were they the same? or all different?


Anonymous said...

My pregnancies were completely different as well. I gained 45 pounds with Daymon but with Gina I gained only 30. Daymon was a BIG boy and Gina was the average size baby. And I was a lot like you, I was more nervous and scared with my 2nd because I knew what was involved with it all. lol.

btw, I think you look amazing! :)

Christa said...

I'll let ya know when I get preggo with the next one.

And I wanna see pics!!!!

Photo Quilts said...

My pregnancies were totally different. Carried Josh really low (constant need to pee) and I gained 50lbs. Caitlynn I carried really high (if I slouched, I couldn't breath) and I only gained 6lbs. Cravings were totally different with both too :)

Stephanie said...

Both pregnancies were totally different. Pregnancy #1 I had a lot of swelling and high blood pressure. Pregnancy #2 was easier-biggest complaint was awful heartburn
(she did have a head full of dark hair like the old wive's tale)

Both labours were fast 5 hours with Rylan and 1 hour at the hospital with Sophia-almost didn`t make it ;)