Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Craving Cheese

Not literally.

This morning I got up and made my usual breakfast of toast and tea and a glass of milk. I set it all out on the table atop a Dora placemat. I pulled out the chair onto our (fake) hardwood floor..... nothin' but a big screeeeeeech and scrape!

"I need chair socks", is what I thought in my head, "those little ones Nan knit for the bottoms of her chair legs." No more screeching and scraping my floors. "I wonder who could knit 24 of those terribly intricate little things."

I sat down to eat and looked around at my efforts to be somewhat stylish and modern in my home decorating and thought, "Chair socks! My goodness Myrna, what are you thinking?! Could you crave something a little less cheesy next time?". It's seems pregnancy isn't always about the food.

The craving didn't pass. I've just arrived at the office and I'm still thinking of chair socks. I don't want the little felt circle thingies that go stuck (and hidden) on the bottom of the chair legs. I want the newfie hand-knit "what the heck were you thinking?" conversation-piece SOCKS! I want them...I want then now!

(I also sometimes find myself using a....um....plastic floral tablecloth!)

Do you ever crave this kind of cheese?


Christa said...

I've been saying FOREVER that I need chair socks. I was even telling Kristen AGAIN the other day how badly we need them!

vicki said...

I love it!!

vicki said...

I love it!!

Photo Quilts said...

Now I want some too. Awesome idea. lol.