Thursday, June 17, 2010

#55. Write Poem: Pregnant Miss Muffet?

A pregnant miss Myrna
Pinned her clothes on the line.
It started to rain
Before it was time.
She headed back out
The laundry to fetch,
And felt a soft tickle
Right there on her chest.
She pulled out her collar
And when she looked down -
There was miss spider
Walking around!
Well, pregnant miss Myrna
She shrieked and she danced,
She pulled off her shirt
She undid the clasp.
She flicked off poor spider
in 2 seconds flat
No thought to the fact
that her belly was fat!
Miss Myrna, she sighed,
with her hand to her cheek,
Oh dear! She'd forgotten
the neighbours might see!

The end.


vicki said...

what a good laugh for early in the morning!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! lol

Christa said...


Photo Quilts said...

HAHA that's halarious!

Tara said...

So hilarious Myrna...cute!