Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Update

Okay, okay, stop nagging already! lol. I know! I am the absolute worse at uploading photos! So here's the latest....

One of Sarah in all her sadness as she prepares for the VCUG at the Janeway. In this photo, she is specifically crying because she didn't want to take off her Dora shirt to put on the gown. As always, bear is in tow.

We had a fox in our backyard. It was the day we arrived back from St. John's and Jamie was busy unpacking the truck. We were suddenly alerted to the presence of Mr. Fox by Sarah, who playing outside, began hollerin' and screamin' such bloody murder that we thought the fox must have attacked her! Turns out she thought we might invite the fox to stay in the house and she didn't want that...I can't imagine why! It's not like I've ever allowed wildlife in our house before.

And here we are at 25 weeks. We meaning ME and Sarah and baby in da belly. I'm measuring about 23 cm's at the doctor but my ultrasound shows as being right on track with my own dates. So far, 14 lbs gain - most of that in the past month! And please excuse my gorgeous bed head hair and mish-mash old t-shirt/Charlie brown pant pj's - Sarah and I had just gotten up.
And here's a super cute pic of Sarah, last Sunday, playing outside. I know I may be slightly biased but isn't she just the cute-EST!
Last but not least, the cupcake wedding cake I made today...I'm quite pleased with it! Isn't it nice?

Thanks to Kylie Lambert at Le Cupcake for the imagination cannot take the credit.

(Holly, if you see this...this is similar to how your cupcake cake will look as well. Except you'll have lots more cupcakes on the table (I understand we're not adding more layers to the stand because you'll be on a potentially rocky BOAT...yay!) and you have chosen to have cupcakes as the top layer as well instead of the double-layer cake. And, yours will be black & white. It's gonna look great!)

Don't be surprised if my next uploads are not until about 6 weeks after baby arrives in September :)


Christa said...

Yay Pictures! Love the cake, Great job! The fox is so cool....all black and sleek. Sarah is beautiful and love your belly.

Lose That Girl said...

Congrats on the belly!! Lovely news! And I'm drooling over those cupcakes.

Holly said...

Yay! The cupcakes look amazing, I'm so excited to see/try them! What colour will the stand be?

Myrna Hynes said...

Holly, your stand will be black and white, as requested :)