Saturday, October 15, 2011

Charlotte learns HOT!

As another installment of me feeling like a terrible mother, Charlotte burned her hand on Thursday night. It was my fault. I was working late. Mom had the girls. It was almost time to leave when Mom dropped the girls off at the bakery. She put Charlotte down, assuming everything was safe. Charlotte was over by the oven, sorta stumbled against it, and then used her hand to push herself away. I was watching the entire thing happen but didn't react because I thought the oven was OFF! But then Charlotte started to scream and I realized I had forgotten. The oven was still ON, and unlike the nice cool-touch oven door at home, the bakery ovens are super HOT!! I felt terrible. I immediately got her hand under the cool water, got out the non-stick gauze in the first aid kit, put on the aloe gel, administered some tylenol, and then had a good cry about it all. Charlotte was inconsolable for a while but calmed down when the meds kicked in, even played for a little while when we got home, and had a decent nights' sleep.

Charlotte's heart-shaped blister :(

And in true girl fashion, Charlotte's injury didn't deter her from calling her friends the next day and telling them all about her terrible ordeal. Oh the drama!

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Tara said...

OH NO...poor lil' peanut! Don't beat yourself up, we ALL make mistakes. Our kids NEED these experiences to learn about the dangers in life - and I think we are given these situations to beat ourselves up a bit more!!