Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Photos

Back in August, I contacted a photographer in Deer Lake and made arrangements to have our family photos taken during the first week of September. I scrambled to get coordinating outfits for all of us, ordered hair accessories online, got new red shoes (of course!), etc. The first week of September came and went and no sign of the photographer. She did send an email a couple of weeks later saying, "Sorry haven't forgotten you, will be in touch." and then that was it. I checked back with her a couple of weeks ago and didn't receive any reply at all. Wow! Now there's a young photographer who has definitely not yet learned the importance of customer service. And then so many do everything for customer service and struggle to gain clients. Urgh!! The frustration!

So, there I was, duped, and with the cold weather fast approaching. I decided I was going to make the best of it and use the beautiful weather on Sunday to get some family shots anyways. I grabbed my tripod and my parents: my Mom as the "push the shutter as many times as possible in an effort to get at least one good shot" person, and my Dad as the "get the kids attention" person. lol.

After looking through the near 300 photos, I'm quite pleased to say I have a few good ones. I won't be showing you our family of 4 shot - you'll have to wait for your Christmas card for that - but here are a couple miscellaneous shots in the meantime:

Mommy & Sarah
Mommy & Charlotte
Daddy and his girls
Sarah & Charlotte looking at the birds...they were going crazy with the fishing boats out in the water
I must say it all worked out okay. I didn't get all the shots I had hoped, the shots I would have gotten with a professional photographer, but I did save myself some cash. (the hubster liked that part).

Stay tuned....before you know it, the Christmas cards will be going out...

...except mine might arrive a little late, as usual :)


Tara said...

Oh Beautiful MYRNA!!! Can't wait to see the family shot!

Christa Hann said...

What great photos!! Love love all your outfits, especially the shoes :)