Monday, December 19, 2011

Sarah + Justin

Remember earlier this year when Sarah discovered HIM.

The imaginary relationship continued throughout the year although she still has moments when she cannot pronounce his name. She even made him a cake on his birthday. I have no idea when his actual birthday is.

Imagine my surprise, after such a short "courtship", to learn that an elopement was in the works.

She was in the bakery mixing up a cake, from scratch. She's got that all figured out. She mixed and poured it into a pan and baked it. She went in search of a cake topper and found an old school heart-shape with a bride and groom standing inside. She then proceeded to tell me that I was enlisted to decorate hers and Justin's wedding cake, complete with Christmas-coloured sprinkles, and Justin's name written in pink icing.

When Mom asked Sarah why she was marrying Justin, the response was, "he's so cute!" Oh my!

Sarah's creation for Justin
Perhaps I'll tweet the pics to the real Justin. I think he may get a good chuckle out of his little 4-year old fan.

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Christa said...

How cute! You should totally tweet the pics!!!!