Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't Like Em

Reader Discretion Advised:
Strong opinions expressed in the following email. My apologies to offended readers who disagree (feel free to leave a comment).

I know they're all the craze right now.
I know they're supposedly super duper comfy.
I know how Faith Hill was on Oprah saying how she thought they were ugly but she just loved them and that's when it all started.
I know they come in a variety of fun colours.
I know they are approximately $35 CDN for the real ones but only about $9 for the knock-offs.

I know all of this but:
I still think they're ugly.
They still look like my grandmothers green garden shoes.
Still kinda remind me of the pink ducky-boots I got teased about wearing when I was a kid.

I can handle:
The black ones in small doses.
Wearing them in the privacy of my backyard while pulling weeds or hanging clothes on the line.

I can't handle:
Wearing them in public places, not even the grocery store (I am fully aware that I may eat my words on this one).
The pink and purple and neon green ones.
Especially when they are worn to the office with "dress" clothes. Not cool!

And that's my vent for today...thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


Anonymous said...

Especially when someone is wearing them with red shirt, bright yellow cardigan and baby blue that's extreme.


Janis said...

I think that they are the ugliest things ever.....

Quirky Christa said...

I'm torn, somedays I like them and some I don't....I don't own any so guess I don't like em enough to purchase them.

Tara said...

You see now I completely DISAGREE! (sorry Myrna) I LOVE these shoes...and you know what? I didn't even know that Faith Hill was on Oprah about them.

I just tried them on and quickly fell in love with the comfort. After having my VERY painful back problems (causing me to have to go to chiropractor 3 times a week @ $32 per visit)disappear when I started wearing them - $35 for one pair seems pretty reasonable compared to the alternative!!

I have worn mine to work, mostly all summer long. Now mind you, we dress VERY business casual at work.

Yes, I kinda agree that they are not the most attractive shoes - but you know what? If you don't like my shoes - DON'T LOOK!!! What kind of shoes do alot of people wear these days - spike heals with pointed toes? Trust me, they may look nice but how many women complain of how uncomfortable they are - OPRAH being one of them!

So this is MY opinion...equally as strong on the other side of the fence!!!

Keep an open mind - try em, you'll love them!!!

Stephanie said...

I don`t like them either except on little kids under the age of 10. Cory`s mom wore them to work all summer and I just had to bite my tongue.

dafrhug said...

I completely agree....I hate them too and the thought of even buying a pair hasn't even crossed my mind. No thanks! lol