Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three's a Crowd

For you moms out there who have kids (like my sisters) and who tried desperately to get them to all stay still for that one nice picture of them dressed in their Christmas finery....I just want to let you know I felt your pain, if only briefly, as I tried to get Erykah, Isabella, and Olivia to pose together...unsuccessfully (in terms of a "nice" picture) but I loved some of the very honest results:

My Mom tryin to rearrange everyone...lol

And my absolute ALL TIME FAVOURITE (note the looks of despair!):


Quirky Christa said...

That last picture is so funny! I totally cracked up when I saw it.

Ickie said...

They are all so pretty. Also, I tried to comment yesterday a bunch of times but kept getting an error.

Daphne Hughes said...

I absolutely love the last picture too.....LMAO, it's halarious.