Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Disappearing Act

Things I have learned during pregnancy:
1. Thin ankles are highly overrated - "Cankles" are really much more effective in reminding you of how puffy your body can become in extreme situations.
2. Shaving legs (and some, ah-hem, other areas not in view) should no longer be taken for granted.
3. Toenail polish, once often touched up to match an outfit or a season, is really durable enough to last for a good 2 months or so. On a similar note, toenail polish on toes as well as the length of the actual toenail becomes somewhat of an "out of sight, out of mind" issue anyways unless someone else notices.
4. Tums can actually be your best friend.
5. A girl can have an innie belly button most of her life but yet still have the joy of experiencing the gradual process of achieving an outie. That's for sure my favourite...not! (Funny story about this one actually - I covered mine with a bright ORANGE bandaid so as to avoid drawing attention in a more tightly fitted shirt I was wearing today and then completely forgot about it until my midwife, upon obviously noticing, thought I had injured myself in that area...ooops!)
6. Feeling that you are absolutely dying to go pee and sure to not make it to the bathroom does not necessarily mean that once you "sit" there's actually much pee to come out. Just simply an elbow compressing your bladder.
7. Having a baby's head lodged deep inside your pelvis, although a great start to the inevitable onset of labour, does not nearly feel as comfortable as they describe in those pregnancy books (and they really don't describe it as being comfortable at all). On the opposite end, having a baby's foot giving you karate kicks to the ribs, can be rather painful at certain moments but strangely makes me smile in my heart at the same time.
8. A full night of sleep has become a thing of the past.
9. Commercials about nothing particularly saddening can make one seriously want to cry.
and #10.
Nothing!...and I mean NOT ONE SINGLE THING can compare to feeling your baby, so close, growing and moving around like a little acrobat inside you. Nothing can compare to the day your hubby can actually, not just touch, but SEE with his two eyes a little bum or a knee sticking out of your belly, shifting and trying to find a comfy spot. Nothing!
I love being pregnant! (and that's the honest truth!!)
P.S. Notes from today's midwife appointment...
I am measuring 35 cm
Baby's was very excited today with heartrate of 156 (still normal range) but higher than it usually is.
Head is "well down in the pelvis" according to the midwife, even slightly more than she would expect at this point.
Reminder that the head down thing may mean absolutely nothing about how close or far away the baby's arrival actually is, particularly for a first time mom.
Up 2 lbs in 2 weeks (better than last time - 4 lbs in 2 weeks)
Keep taking that iron!


Quirky Christa said...

Love the picture. Does the higher heart rate mean it's a girl based on those old wives tales of the heart rate determining the sex of the baby?

Daphne Hughes said...

Well.....I have a feeling that your having a boy. We'll see I guess. lol. You haven't beaten my weight gain with Joshua - 8lbs in 2 weeks (I almost fell off the scale when I saw. lol)

myrna_weblog said...

The heart rate is usually between 135 and 138 (which would mean a boy) but this time it was so much higher that maybe a baby girl is in there being a drama queen :)

Stephanie said...

Oh what fun things I can look forward to. Some I already have-havent slept thru the night since I found out I was pregnant and I love feeling the baby move. My baby`s heartrate is always 162 which means girl but I think it`s a boy now based on what I may have caught a peek of in the ultrsound.