Saturday, January 06, 2007


Ok so it's been forever since I last posted a blog. It's been a very very busy Christmas Season between shopping, running back and forth to my sisters apartment in Brampton, spending lots of time with my parents, etc. Back to work this week and it's also been hectic with inventory completion and starting to train my replacement. But it's all super good - just haven't had time to write about it...until now.

Merry belated Christmas Everyone!
My parents arrived on Christmas Eve - so happy to see them as always. They spent Christmas morning at my sisters with the kids and then joined Jamie and I later in the day for a yummy family supper which Jamie cooked - practically all by himself - super yum!

"Santa" was really good to us this year, as always. I was super spoiled by my family and the hubster - My big gift from him was a new zoom lens for my camera. I love it! Of course, I never seem to take the time to actually practice with it - that's my new years resolution: become a better photographer! (gonna need with ALL those baby pics I'm going to want to take!)

Other gifts for moi: maternity/nursing pj's, couple of shirts/sweaters, lots of chocolates, cool scrappin stuff, track suit, angel ornaments for our tree, sander (I've been wanting to refinish our table set), and lots of other misc stocking stuff.

Jamie got lots of nice stuff too including a drill, clothes, stainless steel barfridge, new cell phone, etc. Here's my fav...can you guess what it is?? :)

I regret to inform you all (for those of you who knew him/her) that my Granny's little dog, Ralph, died on December 23rd. Ralph, which is short for "Ralphina" (a female dog so named by my brilliant uncle), was a tiny little terrier mix who looked kinda scraggly with whiskers like an old man and who became a major part of my Granny's life for the past 14 years. She was a wonderful companion for my grandmother especially since my Grandad died. All 5 lbs of her would go crazy barking if there was a moose (or anything) in the garden, so in a way, she really seemed to make my grandmother feel much more safe and secure when she was alone in the house. Ralph had been sick for about a month or so, the vet said it was her heart and there was nothing that could be done. When she finally passed away, my grandmother was afraid to check her little bed and had the neighbour (her nephew, Simeon) come over to confirm. Then Simeon took Ralph out wrapped in her little blanket, buried her in the front yard, and made a tiny cross for the grave. Poor Granny is quite upset and is finding the house quite lonely without Ralph. Maybe a cat would be a nice replacement pet.

Damaged Truck and One Dead Moose

The title pretty much says it all - my Dad (truck driver) hit a moose just outside of Rocky Harbour on his way home from work on Tips Eve. He said he didn't even see the moose until it was right in front of him (suicidal perhaps?) and then he just remember a sound like a gunshot, his truck shut down, and he was fighting for control (he said he's very lucky the roads were clear). Quite a bit of damage on his truck which worried him a bit during his vacation here in Ontario but thankfully the local garage has taken care of things for him and things are underway with getting the truck repaired and back on the road.

Clumsy Me

Totally wiped out on Christmas Eve - leaving my sisters apartment, I twisted my ankle and fell down. Luckily I came down hardest on my knees and didn't hit my tummy or anything. But I did get quite a scare. I started crying - a little from the pain in my ankle but mostly from the fright of thinking I had really hurt myself and was gonna end up going into labour or something. But all is well and the ankle was back to normal within a couple of days.

Happy Birthday Wishes

To Vicki!!! - Dec 31st.
To my great-grandmother, "Nan Barnes" who turned 98!!! on Jan 4th.

Happy New Year!!

We stayed at home and chilled. Dad really wanted to see the movie "Gladiator". My parents are not the type to rent movies at all but this one piqued his interest. I personally love it so I was totally cool with seeing it again. It was nice to ring in 2007 with my parents here with us.

Pregnancy Update
I've been feeling great and steadily growing. Gained 22 lbs so far as per my midwife appointment this past week. They tell me that's within range but it still makes me incredibly nervous to step on the scales. I still have at least 10 weeks ahead of me and lots of room for growth.

This is me on Tips Eve - almost 28 weeks:

Went for the GCT (Glucose challenge test) yesterday. It's to check for gestational diabetes. They make you drink this syrupy/orange pop with a bad aftertaste stuff - it's kinda like medicine that they're tried to make as palatable as possible for adding artifical flavour and fizz except this particular lab served it at room temperature instead of cold and I have a hard enough time as it is drinking a full bottle of pop....ugh! Anyways, then you have to wait an hour for your body to react to the sugar and they take your blood. Luckily there were other pregos there waiting too so we chatted and it made the time go by very quickly. Guess I'll hear back from those results at my next appointment on January 17th.

Christa and I painted the nursery today. I've decided to stay neutral with tan/beige. The first coat is done and next weekend we'll be adding a stripe in a slightly darker glossy coat. Can't wait to see the finished result.

Back to Normal
Now things are pretty much back to normal. Christmas decorations are now put away, back to work as usual, baby is kicking up a storm and adding lots of pressure on my various internal organs, and Jamie and I are spending our Saturday night watching movies.

Hope yours was as good as mine. Hoping to now get back into the swing of things and post regularly. Bye for now :)


Stephanie said...

Glad you and your family had a nice holiday.

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Finally a post! Nice to see you back in blogger land :)

Ickie said...

Glad to hear and see that you gys had a great Christmas and you look great.

Daphne Hughes said...

You look great, I agree, I still wanna be there to rub your tummy. lol

Daphne Hughes said...
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