Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A few days ago Tara ---->> posted on her blog pictures of her son, Noah, who decided he wanted a new hairdo - a MOHAWK! You should check it out, it's cute as can be!

And now since I have to put cream on Sarah's scalp for the cradle cap , it makes her hair go kinda stiff and PERFECT for styling!!! he he...I'm such a cruel mom...

So chances are she's totally going to hate me when she's a teenager for taking these goofy pics of her...

Sarah likes UFC...Uncle Darren will be so proud

"Helping" with laundry

Oh, and I FINALLY joined FACEBOOK....
Under the name Myrna Goosney Hynes (again copying Tara so that people can find me with both my married and maiden names).
I can totally see how this is going to be very addictive!


Quirky Christa said...

You are going to be in so much trouble when she's old enough to see that goofy pic you posted of her.

tara said...

I LOVE the pictures - so cute! Especially the one with her eyes cross eyed - so much fun to capture all the looks of your baby (because soon they will be 6 *pout-pout* years old and you'll forget about all of these quirky and cute little faces)!!!

And my goodness - her skin is looking AMAZING, what ever the doctors gave her must be doing the trick!

Thanks so much for sharing!