Sunday, April 01, 2007

Guess that's why they call it the Blues

Baby Blues, that is. And yes, I've had them. Lucky for me, not the extreme post partum lasting days on end. No feelings of hopelessness and destruction. But I have had a few hours here and there of emotions beyond what I can explain. Emotions that come flooding, it seems out of nowhere, and cannot be halted or held-back. Probably just a good combination of exhaustion, hormones, or simply the fact that having a baby can be very overwhelming (good and bad). For the most part though, I feel great. And baby Sarah is also doing great. Thank God for that!

It really helped me a lot when my mom arrived on March 20th to help me out. She said she was coming to take care of HER baby while I took care of MY baby. And that she did - she did my laundry, cooked and cleaned, kept me company on our walks, watched the baby when I needed to take a shower or just relax for a little while extra in the bathtub without worrying that the baby would cry. All of that "little" stuff that really mean SO much and that take so much extra time to accomplish with an infant in the household. Thanks Mom!

And now my mom is going back to Newfoundland. She's at the airport right now awaiting her flight at 6:30 this evening. So now I'm having the Moms left me and I'm alone during the day again blues!

So it has been a busy couple of weeks with my mom being here - Tracey's girls have been spending some time with us on the weekends. They just love Grandma and staying at Auntie Myrna's house. And how can I resist? even tho' they are certainly a handfull!

Tomorrow I have to start getting things back to our new normal. I'd like to get a good little schedule happening for Sarah and I - perhaps include a bit of an exercise regime (you'll have to send out a prayer for the unmotivated me for this one), get back to blogging semi-regularly, develop a weekly meal plan as I used to do, etc. Again, I know it's difficult to be completely scheduled with a baby who's got her own ideas for "scheduling" (or NOT) in mind but I'm going to give it my best shot to try and maintain my sanity. Wish me luck!

In other news...

Was so excited to have Jennifer here in Ontario visiting for a week. It was doubly exciting with the engagement and all but even without that, it was awesome to see her. I really miss having you around, Jenny!

Christa and Kristen have booked their trip to Cuba for next week. I'm SO jeolous! I told Christa that I now have to live my life through her since another down-south vacation might be far off in the future for us. Hope you guys have a wonderful, safe, relaxing, and super fun vacation!

Don't think I even mentioned this before but Jamie got into an accident a couple of weeks back when Sarah was only 4 days old. He had stepped out to go to Sobeys and the movie store, just around the corner, when a lady FELL ASLEEP at the wheel and veered into his lane hitting him. Luckily it's a residential area and Jamie having just gone past a stop sign wasn't driving very fast. Scared me half to death when he called. All of the possible worse case scenarios were going through my mind when he went to the hospital. Here I am at home with a 4 day old baby and my husband is hurt! OMG! But Jamie was okay..phew! Our new SUV was not so okay (at the time the truck was the last thing I cared about). It's been in the repair shop with about $10,000 damages being fixed. We finally get it back tomorrow. Jamie's not too impressed with our current Ford Focus :)

Am about to watch "Marie Antoinette"...not a clue if it's any good or not but I like historical type movies. I don't know anyone who's seen it yet. Will let you know how it goes. Recently, we've watched some great ones - the Departed, Blood Diamond, the Guardian - LOVED THEM ALL! Go rent them!
Update: Marie Antoinette - okay if you like history, basically about her life, I liked it despite the fact that it's not very exciting. Don't bother trying to get your "guys" to watch it...they'll hold it against you forever!

Have lots of pics and will try and post those VERY SOON - hopefully will have a chance to download them all tomorrow. Also remembered a video I took of the day before Sarah was born of a tour of the nursery. I'm going to post that too so you can all see what it looks like. I'm really happy with how it's turned out. Sarah's isn't yet sleeping in there. She's still in our room in the basinette. She's doing pretty good at night but I'm still a little too nervous to transfer her over just now. I know, I know....maybe I should have her in the crib but I'm a first time mom and still learning! At least she's not in the bed with us, right?

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthdays to Christa (Mar 22nd), Kristen (23rd), and Chris Samms (30th)!

Bye for now,


Quirky Christa said...

Good Luck with Your "new" normal

Stephanie said...

I keep trying to prepare myself for that adjustment period but I don`t know if you really can. All my friends say the first 3-4 weeks were definitely the hardest.