Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy One Month

Sarah is one month old today. Can you believe it?! I can' hard to believe how fast the time flies. I was kinda hoping she might stay this tiny little infant forever, be able to fit into those tiny little crocheted baby booties forever (I picked hers up the other day to put them away and actually got teary eyed looking at them), alas, seems that's not going to happen.

She must be about 10 lbs by now. I'm not certain because my midwife appointment got cancelled this week and I don't quite trust the me putting the baby and I both on the bathroom scales and then weighing just myself and subtracting the difference method. So we have to wait until next Tuesday to find out for sure. Personally I think the increasingly large cheeks and the double chin(s) are telling the tale. That along with the fact that, like her parents, Sarah LOVES to eat...a lot!

Much to Jamie's enjoyment, more and more people are saying that Sarah's looks are changing and she's beginning to look more and more like her father. This is great according to him because it means she will be totally gorgeous! lol :)

On the downside, Miss Munchkin is experiencing a severe case of baby acne right now. She has little pimples all over her face, neck, and head. Poor girl, it looks absolutely horrible and seems like it has to be sore. I'm told it's totally normal and happens because her body is trying to regulate hormones passed on to her by yours truly (her mama). Silly I know but I feel totally guilty because if there's one thing my hormones would pass onto her it would have to be my bad skin. Please tell me this clears up soon!

On the upside, Sarah kinda slept through the night last night. I say "kinda" because she actually wouldn't go down until nearly 1am BUT then she slept until nearly 7am. And normally I wouldn't consider it sleeping entirely through the night until I get a full 8 hours...but people, I haven't slept for 6 hours straight in a MONTH and this has got to be a step in the right direction and so I am celebrating 1am - 7am as a definite positive accomplishment!

And here my friends, a list of what I have learned in the past month about babies, in particular, MY baby:
- Tiny infants can burp nearly as loudly as a pizza-eating beer-drinking college guy. True story: Last night she burped so loud she actually gave herself a fright. Arms flailing in the startle reflex, poor little girl got scared and all I could do was laugh at the episode.
- It's amazing how much poop can come out of that teensy little body.
- Bathtime is synonymous with mommy getting peed on. It's like payback for her since she doesn't much enjoy being bathed, doesn't enjoy it at all actually.
- The stroller is for babies what sedatives are for adults.
- 6 hours sleep in a row is a reason for celebration, as noted previously.
- Naptime for baby = Naptime for mom.
- When preparing to go out always be ready first before the baby because when she's ready to go we all must be ready to go or else we're not going anywhere.
- Breastfeeding does not always feel natural and wonderful - tho' I'm really glad I did it and get a chuckle out of baby bird with beak open and head raised searching frantically for that "worm" a.k.a nipple.
- Staying inside all day can make one go stir crazy...taking even a short walk outside can be salvation.
- Babies can turn tough-guy daddies into cute babbling goo-goo-ga-gaing goofballs (and I do mean "goofball" in the most loving sense possible).
- Getting up, getting showered, and getting dressed are all simple things made much more difficult now...but nonetheless are extremely important. I wouldn't go to any other job without doing those things, why start this job without them? I've simply traded business casual for extreme casual.
And lastly,
- Being a mom is the most wonderful thing ever! It's still hard to believe God gave her to us...

Happy One Month, Sarah!

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