Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lotsa Pics

In her stroller getting ready to go for a walk.

Sarah the little hand under her face.

I really like the black and white (see the baby acne?)

When she's hungry, she tries eating the little bunny if I don't get to her fast enough...ah, poor bunny!

She's not crying...yet...she really hates the bathtub right now.

This one's hilarious...I think she looks like a baby pirate...he he

"talking" to Erykah...

Already being a brat with her tongue stuck
Thanks for looking :)


tara said...

OMG Myrna....she is the most adorable little girl. I CAN'T believe she is so big already...sorry :( Not what the first time parents want to hear! And YES my dear, 6 hours to me is 'sleeping through the night'! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! Thanks soooo much for sharing the pics - keep 'em comin'!

Della said...

She is so cute, don't worry I am counting 6 hours sleeping through the night as well I know how you feel.