Monday, January 12, 2009

Hate It or Rate It

I randomly came across this blog called "Lose That Girl" and I adore it!

Basically, Canadian girl decides to find all kinds of STUFF to RATE (she loves it!) or HATE (she, well, hates it).

It's very intriguing and I, quite frankly, haven't the slightest clue where she finds some of these things I've never heard of or seen before (i.e. the bandaids). Did I ever mention my obsession with bandaids as a child? Mom couldn't keep 'em in the house.

Not everything she "rates or hates" is an actual thing, sometimes she rates or hates people and events as well. Todays post is about the Golden Globes, of which I know nothing about and haven't the slightest interest in watching. However, since I am a girl with both television and internet, I have no choice but being immersed in at least some of the details.

The latest thing that interested me the most was her RATE on the new tell-all Sesame Street book. I want to buy it!

Anyways, "Lose That Girl" also received a nomination for the "Best Blog about Stuff". And she's a Gossip Girl fan for those of you who share her love of that show.

Very cool, check her out!

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