Friday, January 30, 2009

"Baby Sad"

That's what Sarah sometimes says now when she is crying: "Baby Sad"

And poor little baby did have reason to be sad this week. She ended up with another Urinary Tract Infection - ugh! No fun at all!

For those of you who don't know Sarah's medical history: She was born with a 2-vessel umbilical cord (normally, there are 3 vessels). This can sometimes indicate problems with the heart and/or kidneys. Our prenatal ultrasounds didn't show any issues with either organ. When Sarah was first born we saw a pediatrician in the hospital who didn't feel she needed another ultrasound because in his experience there were just as many babies with this issue and no problems and vice versa. He sent us home.

January of 2008, Sarah was 10 months old and the first "sickness" happened. She got very very ill with an extremely high temp that just wouldn't go away. When we took her to the hospital she was admitted and had to stay for 3 days with a nasty UTI. Tests (an ultrasound and a yucky VCUG) showed she had reflux in the left kidney, the cause of the UTI's. We were sent away with meds for 3 months and a requisition for 6 consecutive monthly urine analysis!

September 2008 - Back to the hospital again for an overnight stay. The doctor said Sarah was a very sick little girl and, without treatment, could have died. (Thank GOD for the miracle of modern medicine, not so many years ago we would no longer have her with us! Ok, let's not think about that please...). Sarah was put back on meds for another 3 months and more urine testing.

Can I tell you how DIFFICULT it is to get a urine sample for an 18 month old? Anatomically speaking, baby girls are slightly less "cooperative" than baby boys. Let's just say I've been peed on lots while laying on a bed reading books to keep Sarah still and occupied with a cup propped under her. Good stuff!

And then just this past Monday, Sarah was being very lethargic. She's almost two - so I probably don't need to tell you it's not normal for her to have been laying on the couch all day. I immediately thought it might be another UTI and sent her urine sample to the clinic. The next couple of days she seemed to be doing a bit better and even went to the sitters one day. My mom-in-law (nurse) checked with the clinic and the secretary said Sarah's urine analysis was in the "to file" pile (she interpreted that as "all ok"). And then on Thursday after Sarah just not being herself for 4 days, the doctor calls to tell us she needs to come in for a script because she DOES indeed have another urinary tract infection.

I packed our bags in a frenzy not knowing if we would have to be admitted to the hospital again or not. And Sarah also had a weird rash breakout which needed to be checked. In my haste, however, I got stuck in a HUGE snowbank in our driveway. Seriously, the snow here in ridiculous right now! Eventually we did get our prescription (the doctor's office/hospital is about a 50 minute drive!) and Sarah was sent home. The rash is completely unrelated and is fine.

So, Sarah is once again on more meds. Today she is finally starting to eat like she normally does, like a little monster...hehe! I hope she sleeps well tonight. Poor thing hasn't been getting much rest and neither have mommy or daddy.

We have another VCUG coming up on the 16th of February to check the progress of the reflux. Keep us in your prayers that all will be well.


Angie said...

I suffered from reflux in one of my kidneys as well when I was her age. My problems were all fixed by the time I was six so with the advances in medicine since then, I'm sure Sarah will get through it all fine.

Stephanie said...

Poor Sarah-glad she is starting to feel better