Friday, January 16, 2009

This is What Happens When...

...mommy decides to do some blogging in the next room and leaves her toddler to her own devices.

It was Wednesday evening.
Mommy was concentrating on being annoyed at txtspk and blogging about it in the spare bedroom.
Sarah was "colouring" with her new easel and crayons in the living room.
Sarah got bored.
Mommy could hear Sarah exploring in the kitchen cupboards.
Mommy decided to check on Sarah a couple of minutes later when she couldn't figure out what that "clink, clink, clinking" noise was of something hitting the floor.
Mommy finds Sarah emptying the spaghetti box. (shout out to Catelli)
Mommy grabs her camera right away because she couldn't possibly be upset at the mess.

FYI: For those of you who are thinking, "Ok, who goes and leaves her almost-2-year-old alone in the kitchen?":
First, we had finished supper with dishes put away.
Second, we have a small home and our spare bedroom is the first door down the hallway from the kitchen, easily within hearing & "peaking" distance.
And most importantly, our bottom cupboards have been kid-proofed and contain pots and pans (noisy but fun), dish cloths (which Sarah loves to "help" fold), tupperware containers and lids, dry goods (i.e. pasta, as above), and kid snacks. All of our "dangerous" items (cleaners, knives, glassware, etc.) are in out of reach cupboards.

Although I suppose Sarah could have poked her eye out with one of those spaghetti noodles. Phew, that didn't happen!

FUN TIMES!!! Having a little one in the house = NO DULL MOMENTS!


Quirky Christa said...

he, cute

Photo Quilts said...

LOL - I remember those days. :)