Sunday, January 25, 2009

If You (attempt to) Give a Baby Some Juice

Have any of you read the children's book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie". My brother had it as a kid and I always loved it. The mouse starts off by having a cookie, then needs a glass of milk, then needs a mirror to look at his milk mustache, then realizes while looking in the mirror that he needs to trim his hair, then has to sweep up the hair, and then continues to get completely carried away, etc, etc.

I've come to a realization recently (yes, it took me this long to realize it). I am that frikkin' little mouse!

Here's what I mean:
Sarah asks for some juice.
I go to get her sippy cup and realize it's still in the sink unwashed.
I wash it and the rest of the dishes (leaving them to drip-dry, of course).
I start to wipe down the counter.
I spill some crumbs on the floor while wiping the counter.
So I grab a cloth and get down on the floor to pick up the crumbs.
Such close inspection of my floor reminds me of their dire need to be washed.
After washing the floors, I go to throw the cloth in the laundry basket.
The full laundry basket means a load of clothes can go to the wash.
I put that load in the washing machine only to be reminded of the clothes I had forgotten in the dryer that now need to be folded and put away.
I fold the clothes on my bed and put them away.
My messy bed prompts me to attempt at making it by at least pulling the blankets up over the pillow.
Straigtening my bedroom means I come across a glass of water left on my nightstand from last night.
I go to bring the glass to the sink.
I see the sippy cup drip-drying.
And then I finally realize my original task - the baby asked for a cup of juice!

If you give a Myrna a simple task - it turns into a multitude of frantic multitasking. I'm so easily side-tracked. I get it from my dad, he's the same and it's so disorienting to watch. It's no wonder my mind is so muddled and Jamie just shakes his head at me sometimes.

Darn-it-all! And here I thought I had it all together...ha!

And the question remains: Was I always like this? Or is it a mommy thing?


Angie said...

A piece of advice - get the shark steam mop from Canadian Tire. It's the best and makes washing up the floor a very quick and easy chore.

Tara said...

OH MY GOSH...a girl after my heart!! One of my FAVOURITE kids books... LOVE your story, it sounds very much like me. This is how I get so much of my housework done - by error!!! LOL

Photo Quilts said...

Not sure if it's a mommy thing or not but I'm exactly the same way except I never get to finish the chore because my kids are old enough to remind me a zillion trillion times that I forgot to get them the juice so I end up back a the beginning more than once. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Myrna this is sooo funny! This sort of stuff happens to me daily. I just thought it was me losing my mind.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...sounds familiar..however I have an addition to the story.. You ignore the child for so long that she resorts to getting the juice herself thereby adding to the mess on the kitchen floor, or even better, the livingroom carpet!!!
Your Sis