Monday, June 22, 2009

One Busy Week Down, One to Go

Things have been a little crazy for me over the past few days. Ha, who am I kidding? Life is almost always crazy for me - being a mommy to a toddler who never fails to turn my otherwise tidy house into a disaster zone, running a business, working a job on the side. And this last week - starting up with the community garden and accompanying blog, preparing a fathers day dinner extravaganza, attending a baby shower, shopping (well, I have to admit that part wasn't so bad), trying to watch my "points", getting ready to go on vacation....PHEW!

So here's how it all went down:
Toddler Mommy - Somewhere in the last 10 days, Sarah has decided to empty every single space that has the potential to be emptied - cupboards, toybox, sock drawer, book bin, salt and pepper shakers, cracker box, cat food bowl, you get the picture - and then refuses to help tidy up. My house, therefore, literally looks like a whirlwind came through the center of it. I kid you not!

Community Garden - check out the blog sometime in the next 24 hours or so, I'll be doing an update soon but forgot to bring my memory card this morning to post pics.

Fathers Day - So blessed to have a wonderful hardworking father to love and admire. And doubly blessed to have a husband who is an amazing father to our little girl. Jamie was one of those dads who kinda wanted to have a boy - he insists he's a macho man kinda guy - and then I hear Sarah running down the hall after she's dressed in her cute little sundress yelling "Daddy!" and he picks her up to give her a hug and tells her how pretty her hair is and asks if she likes her new pink toenail polish - and I smile at his unashamed display of a softer side and know that he simply adores being a daddy to a daughter!

The Extravaganza - Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time with the hubster on Fathers Day because I had to work in our cafe serving lunch and supper to wonderful fathers and their families.

Jen's (and Lucas') baby shower - Baby Lucas was such a good boy and slept the ENTIRE time, didn't wake for about 4 hours straight. I must admit the shower was "interesting" to say the least. It started at 1:30 and when I walked in the door at exactly that hour, the little old ladies were already up in arms about having to wait so long to get their card games and bingo on the go. I swear, I have never attended such a baby shower in my life - no fun silly baby shower games, just cards and bingo. And try to get them to stop their cards and bingo to eat and have Jennifer open the gifts - well! I think they must have forgotten the reason for the celebration somewhere amongst the dealing and the dabbing. Still, I have tons of pics and will try to remember to post the facebook link later (that is, when I upload them to facebook).

Shopping - Ooooo, so excited! I seriously have not gone to Corner Brook ONCE since I moved home strictly with the intention of shopping only for myself. There's always so much to do for the business. So mom and I decided to take a girl day and hit the mall (note MALL, not Mall(S) And I got a FABULOUS maxi dress. So happy I can still pull these off even though it's about 15 years and 60 pounds since they were last in style. HERE's the one I got! Also got lots of stuff at La Senza, a beautiful orange silk halter top at Le Chateau and a couple of really funky t-shirts and pair of flip flops at Zellers, believe it or not. Overall, not a bad day considering my store options are very limited in the big city!

Weigh in - after a couple of "bad" days, I was so nervous about weighing myself on Saturday morning. But, I still went down a pound...yay for me! I've officially lost 11 lbs total and reached my vacation goal!
My definition of a "bad" day, just in case you're interested - in Corner Brook ate McD's snack wrap and fries, Subway sandwich with a mountain of Southwest Chipotle sauce (mayo based...eek!), and about half a box of the caramel covered popcorn. And then topped off with about a million chocolate covered jujubes!

Upcoming Vacation - Jamie's friend Sheldon is getting married in NB to a gorgeous and crazy girl named Meaghan whom I honestly adore. Haven't started packing yet but I do have a hair appointment booked in Corner Brook today. I really should post a picture of my hair , it's so ridiculously long and out of control right now. It's at the point where my grandmother calls me a streel all the time and I very seriously contemplated buying the tshirt with the definition. A pedicure would be a good idea too. Then again, cleaning my house and packing would probably be a good idea too but will probably be left to the last minute before we leave at 5AM Thursday morning to catch the ferry.

And there you have it - so if I don't get a chance to post more in the next few days, you will know that I haven't neglected my readers, I just can't find the time to write. Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Did you say that you were on time for Jens shower? haha


Myrna Hynes said...

On time but RIGHT ON THE BUTTON! haha...You know me TOO well!

Quirky Christa said...

Congrats on hitting your weight loss goal for the wedding :)

Stephanie said...

Have a great vacation