Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Saying Goodbye to "Bobby"

I'm so proud of our baby girl this morning - it was her first night without her beloved "Bobby" (bottle).

A couple of days ago we discovered that the last nipple we had for her bottle was starting to tear. I decided it would be best to use that as an opportunity to get rid of the bottle instead of buying new nipples. I talked to Sarah about how she was starting to be a big girl and she soon wouldn't need her baby bottle anymore.

And yesterday after discovering the little tear had become a much larger hole, I showed Sarah the nipple and explained to her that she would need to give her "Bobby" a hug and kiss to say goodbye because it was broken now. I told her again that she was starting to become a big girl (insert mommy crying on the inside over her baby getting so big!) and she would have to use a cup to drink her bedtime milk. Sarah, in her little broken sentences, simply said, "Cup, yeah. Nipple Bwoken. Cwying." which I interpreted as her understanding but not without her being very sad about it.

And when it was time to go to bed, Sarah asked for her usual - Bear and "Bobby" and I reminded her that she needed her cup instead. We did the usual routine and read our goodnight story but then Sarah decided she wasn't going to bed afterall. She was distracting herself from the inevitable until she was finally too tired to argue. She had a bit of a hard time going to her crib all by herself and Mommy had to rock her for a little while but, otherwise, there were no tears and our little miss slept peacefully through the night.

Our baby girl is growing up! Sniffle, sniffle :(

Now if only potty training would be that easy!


Quirky Christa said...

Wow...she's doing so well. I can't believe how fast they grow up. You really should post some recent pics of her on here :)

Kevin and Aimee said...

Yes if only Potty training would be that easy. It is to bad our girls don't get to know each other, I am sure they would entertain each other lots with both thinking they are the funniest. hehe. I got the Wrap at a store in kitchener. Its called a sleepy wrap, there is another one called a moby wrap which is the same but a bit more expensive.