Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a Lovely Little Gift!

I had a great time visiting with Jenny, Chris, and little 9-day old Lucas yesterday. I took a TON of pictures. I love taking baby photos, especially those tiny little feet. Aw, so cute!

Jennifer was having a rough couple of nights adjusting to breastfeeding after getting some very mixed & "ignorant" information from nurses in the hospital. Boy! Was I EVER upset and annoyed at that! But there's a rant for another day - I won't even get started on it right now!

But after being persistent and letting herself go through those crazy hormonal bouts of tears, Jenny now seems well on her way to adjusting very nicely to life as a mommy! So proud of you, Jenny! You're doing a fantastic job - always knew you would!

If you want to take a further peek, here is the link to my facebook album for more pics. (You don't have to be a facebook user to view these)

Enjoy! I know I sure enjoyed taking them!


Stephanie said...

As a fellow breastfeeding Mommy I`m sure we could have a rant together. It is amazes me how informed some health professionals are.

Anonymous said...

oh my myrna, the pic is so adorable


Quirky Christa said...

LOVE that photo! Where'd you get the awesome blue ribbon?

Myrna Hynes said...

The blue ribbon came off one of the bouquets of flowers Jennifer had sent to her...maybe yours Christa!