Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm on ETSY

Christa first introduced me to ETSY.

I decided I was in love with ETSY.


And those things are handmade. Or, vintage. Oh my!

I decided to help my grandmothers out a little bit by adding their knitting to Etsy - they make lots of wool goodies - mostly socks (or VAMPS) or mittens. Granny Goosney makes her stuff from Sheeps Wool. Nan White makes her stuff from acrylic wool. Both women are 79 years young and going strong with lots of knitting experience behind them. So, in the efforts to bring in a little loot for them, ETSY it is!

Here's the problem I'm finding - shipping costs!! Holy crazy prices to ship via Canada Post!! To ship a pair of my Granny's wool full-length mens socks, which are thick and heavy, $13 within Canada. But to the U.S. is cheaper - go figure! Oh well, that's all I can really do about that. A few items I've listed are FREE shipping - these items are smaller and can fit into an envelope for shipping, meaning it doesn't cost a lot.

And then my mom decided she had a couple of things as well. For one, a quilt she had made. And a patchwork Christmas stocking.

With all of the Grandma's in on this, I decided to name my shop "Nan's Knits"...I think it's got a cute kinda ring to it. Don't you?

And then I decided I may as well add some of my fabric too, usually sold by the meter. I have lots of great prints but only a couple added so far.

Just five listings right now with lots more to come, I hope! Take a look!


Lose That Girl said...

Congratulations on the opening of your Esty store! I hope you sell lots of your Grandmas' work.

Figures Canada Post charges an arm and a leg to ship something relatively small across the country.

Quirky Christa said...

Love it!