Friday, October 16, 2009

Time to Get Moving!

Did I mention I'm starting a fitness class here in my tiny town?

During the summer, after losing a few pounds, I started getting some questions about how I was managing my weight loss. And because we are fairly isolated here with no Weight Watchers, no gym, no Dr. Bernstein or whatever, I decided to try and get something "on the go".

I wrote up a huge proposal to the government's wellness coalition requesting funding, I appealed to our local town council, and I put up notices around the community. And I must say I am very pleased with what's been happening.

The Town Council agreed to purchase some of our small equipment like yoga mats, weights, stretch bands, etc. YAY!!!!

AND, last night at my first official session - no fitness, just info - I had 20 people in attendance. I was expecting perhaps 10 - 12. Wow, talk about overwhelming and exciting! Only one of those people said they were still unsure about actually starting the official fitness group beginning next week.

We talked about how to count calories (some like to count "points"), how to read nutrition labels, how to calculate Body Mass Index, and some tips on getting started. We got weighed in and measured up with the community health nurse taking blood pressure and glucose readings. And I made a point of letting everyone know that I am certainly not an expert - not in healthy eating OR in fitness - and that I am simply facilitating a group to help encourage a group of people with a common goal in mind to become healthier through changes in eating habits and physical exercise. I desperately need this group just as much as anyone, more than some.

So, every week I will be leading the group for a hour. The first half hour will be for weigh-ins and measurements, for those who wish to keep a record of their progress. We'll chat about meal plans, recipes, how to exercise more, and just to encourage each other to keep going! The last half hour we'll be exercising together - that could mean anything from walking to Pilates to aerobics to strength training. A little mix of everything.

I'm so excited to get going with this! It's such an encouragement to see a small town put in the effort to make small changes.

I'm so out of shape, I'm just hoping I don't pass out while trying to "lead" this fitness program! That probably wouldn't be such a great start, now would it? Wish me luck!

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