Saturday, October 17, 2009

Look What I Found!

After highschool, I packed up a bunch of boxes of my stuff before leaving home to head off to University.
Over the years, I have unpacked and re-packed, sorted, and gotten rid of all manner of things.

But I am still a pack rat and refuse to part with several items.
Last week, I was at my Mom's house and decided, since a number of years had gone by, to open up some of those boxes again. I found a tiny stuffed Koala from my grade 8 boyfriend, a bead necklace from a trip to PEI, my lapel pin/button collection adorning a giant purple bunny, Biology textbooks (loved Biology!), and several very well written papers on Shakespeare's Macbeth.

I also found this box:
Intrigued? So was I...
It was my eraser collection!!! There I go again re-confirming my geek status. Anyways, I LOVED collecting these erasers, most of them gifts from my grandmother for all of the occasions throughout the year.

There is a clock, roller skates, ice cream cones, a gun, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a milk carton, a rose, a life preserver, a battery, a "working" clothespin, among a gazillion others.

How exciting to go through all of these again. The hubster had a good chuckle out of my fascination, but thought the nut and bolt set that actually screws together was kinda neat.

Then I found my cabbage patch doll and Ernie and Bert, complete with scribbled on faces and cut hair. Sarah just wanted to play with them and wasn't all that impressed with having her picture taken again.

I found my little blue Yamaha keyboard, still in the original box with instructions. Unfortunately it's missing the adapter so we had to find batteries, but it works great. Sarah is having a great time with it.

I was also reminded of the art classes I took. The date says 02/23/94...was it really that long ago? Wow!

Last but not least, some of my favourite books I owned as a child. The "Swiss Family Robinson" was a gift from Mrs. Burden, my grade 2 teacher, for perfect spelling. I adored this book and was reminded of how much I loved this movie as a kid. So much so, that I added it on my Christmas wish list for the hubster to try and find (good luck with that, honey!). And I absolutely adored researching anything and everything about animals, and spent hours reading these "encyclopedia" type hardcovers. And then who doesn't love "The Phantom of the Opera"? Anyone?

As a final discovery, Mom got up in the attic and pulled down my old dolls crib and matching highchair. They need just the teeniest bit of refurbishing, but will be fantastic Christmas presents for my little girl, who is really loving pretend play nowadays with her "babies".

Don't you just love uncovering old forgotten treasures?


vicki said...

Oh my, i remember alot of these erasers. I think my fav out of your collection was the bucket and shovel.

Anonymous said...

The encyclopedia of vanished species?? sounds wicked..
Have to see if Christa can get that from the library...