Friday, October 02, 2009

Time for a Change...Perhaps Maybe

Apparantly I'm breaking some blogging rules.

Etiquette suggests that a blog name indicate what a blog be all about.

"Confessions of a Chocoholic", for example. Why yes, I am absolutely a much so, that I probably SHOULD write about it. With a title such as mine, I should be confessing to every imagineable chocolatey treat I inhale on a daily basis. However, I do not. And that, according to the blog-gods, is terribly wrong.

I suppose I do not write about my chocoholism because my obsession lacks the glamour of "fancy" intriguing chocolate - it's just a Kit Kat or two here, an entire pot of fudge there. Nothing all that attractive about a girl sitting down with a batch of homemade fudge and a spoon.

And so, because my title lacks the obvious, I'm thinking I should change it.

My friend Joann once told me I was helter skelter.

I looked up the definition:
chaotic: lacking a visible order or organization
with undue hurry and confusion; a helter-skelter kind of existence with never a pause

She's known me since...well...forever. And she is an on-time all the time, tunnel vision, get the job done now dammit! kinda girl.

I am an always running late, easily distracted, unfinished project, type of girl.

My writing is definitely more "Helter Skelter" than "Confessions of a Chocoholic".

Should I change it? Would that make sense? Change it hard. But it's good too. What do you think?


vicki said...

I totally agree with Joann that you are helter skelter but you also are a chocoholic. I have a hard time with change so i can't see your blog with any other name. Your such a good writer that maybe you should try incorporating chocolate into every post. It would be very amusing!!

*kayla said...

I don't think all of your blog posts should have to be about confessing your chocolate sins in some way! you could maybe incorporate it more somehow (like putting a confession at the bottom of a post every now and then) but I think you should keep the name.

Photo Quilts said...

I think you should keep the name too :) It's YOU, and who you are. I can't imagine it being anything else.


Quirky Christa said...

You could put a confession at the end of each post like I do a "today's quote" or even do a sidebar gadget of confessions like I did with the things that Boone eats :) Just an idea

Lose That Girl said...

If you're guilty of blog crimes, then heck....toss me in the slammer with you! Many of our blog titles aren't necessary tied in with each and every post. I love your 'Confessions...' title. Makes me feel like I know a little bit about you, even before I read any of your brilliant posts! And as a fellow chocoholic, I feel a definite kinship! :)

Helter Skelter to me does have some negative connections -- one being Charles Manson and his followers used that term in reference to a war he thought would be waged.

Myrna Hynes said...

Love the idea of adding a little blurp at the end of every post, something pertaining to chocolate! Now, I have to remember to do that...hmmm?

And after my fudge comment, I went and made some. Bad, Bad, Bad!!!

Lose that girl, perhaps it is adviseable then to stay away from "Helter Skelter" and references to Manson...eek!