Sunday, October 11, 2009

These are a Few of My Favourite (House) Things!

I do realize that material things, in the long run, mean very little.
However, we all know that certain things - be they artsy, family heirlooms, memorabilia - can help make an already happy life even happier.

Here are a few of the little items around my home that bring me joy:

My Scrapbooks! They are made with lots of love and, other than my family, are the things I would wish to grab if we ever, God forbid, had to evacuate our home in an emergency.
Shoes! From my high top Nike's to my blue suede wedges to dollar-store flipflops - I LOVE shoes!
Colourful plates - I got these few odd ones at yard sales, they are lovely for baking berry pies!
Children's Books - I had a TON before Sarah was ever thought about, and now we have many many more!
Seashells...I guess it's my love of the ocean. This particular one sits over my kitchen sink, a gift from Kristen (Christa's hubby) to my daughter from their visit to Cuba.
This old cabinet - It's old and scratched and I love it! Can you believe my cousin's friend was going to throw it out! I got it just in time! Now it's in the corner of my dining room, filling with lots of wonderful goodies and with some of my fav lamps (I love lamps too!) sitting on top.
These little frogs - gifts from my niece, Erykah. who gives me something froggy almost every year for Christmas.
Colourful bath towels! I know Oprah goes on about using ALL white towels, blah, blah, blah...but I just love the option of choosing from a worn trusty old floral or a fluffy green bath sheet.
Cameos - technically, not a "house" item but since I don't wear jewellry all that often, they are more a house item than not. Love 'em! I have a bracelet too that I bought in New Hampshire at an antique shop but I can't, for the life of me, find it...where could it be?
My Junk drawer filled with everything that doesn't have a place - nuts & bolts, batteries, the telephone book, cable wires, etc. etc. etc. I admit it - I need somewhere to hide my mess - this drawer is it!
Teddy bears - so soft and cuddly. Mattie was a gift from my lifelong friend, Vicki, and looks very loved with lots of patched up places.
Call me crazy but if I had to choose a chore, it would be laundry - I find the sorting, and washing, and folding, kinda therapeutic in a strange obsessive way. In my house, the laundry is very rarely left undone. The others chores? Yeah, that's a different story alltogether!
This buffet - it's part of the dining room set but i prefer how it looks in the living room. I love this photo of baby Sarah, love the framed "newfie" postcards by CaraJoy and love my tiny attempt at Thanksgiving decor with the Mickey and Minnie, bought at auction.
(Click to enlarge the pic)
This "Grandpa's Studio" photo of Jamie and I taken on our honeymoon in PEI. It just makes me crack up!
I have all these books sitting on my shelf! Crazy kitties - found at a gift shop in PEI on our honeymoon for only about $4 for the set of 4.
My China the green and gold floral pattern. Bought at a yard sale and has everything in mismatched numbers but no teacups. If you have the teacups, can I have them please?
I love funky whimsical art - these were bought in Cuba on my visit there in 1998 for about $6 U.S. One is called "Amigas" and the other "Paloma", they are both signed and numbered, and I simply adore them!
My nightstand with all the bedtime essentials. Books - currently reading "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell, a trashy romance novel, "Marguerite of the Isle of Demons" by Earle Pilgrim, crossword puzzles, and my journal. I use the telephone as my alarm clock. Still use the monitor to hear Sarah. And MUST HAVE chapstick for my lips or else I just can't sleep!
And there you have just a quick glimpse into the items that make my house a home...what are your favourite things?


Heather said...

I have to applaude you for the laundry "almost never left undone"...I can get it washed and dried and folded but to get to to the closet or in drawers....well, thats another thing!

Love reading your blogs..keep it up and would LOVE to see some of your scrapbook pages!

Quirky Christa said...

Awesome...I love random posts like this. Makes me want to do one similar but it'll have to wait for now.
I had forgotten about that shell that Kristen gave Sarah :)

vicki said...

I totally forgot about mattie. Glad you still have him. After lookng at each pic i found myself saying to myself "thats so Myrna" All of the things really define you. I loved this post. And yes lip chap is a must when you go to bed!