Monday, May 08, 2006

According to "The Needle Test"'s a girl!

(Yeah, that's me over there ---> looking crazy sexy in my paint clothes and blue bandana...lmao!)

Call it silly or not...I still think it's fun: This silly "wives tale" thing with the needle and thread, watch it spin in circles (a boy) or rock back and forth (a girl), and then speculate about our future children.

I tried it on a bunch of ladies at work and it's accurate every time...honestly! Probably coincedence but still....weird. And as I read online, with the ladies at work, the needle test shows all pregnancies, not necessarily all children. Which means, IF you've had or will have a miscarriage then it will count that as one.

I looked it up online and seems there is a bit of a scientific reasoning for how it could possibly "work"...something to do with us all having a unique magnetic forcefield which reacts with the metal of the needle.

We girls tried it on Steph on Saturday. We held the needle over her belly (as shown in pic above) and it started swinging back and forth, back and forth: a girl!

And then we tried it on each other. If you hold it over your hand it will keep going telling you how many children you will have and what sexes they will be. Here were our findings:
Christa - girl, boy, girl, boy
Jen - boy, girl, girl, boy (with the last 2 looking suspiciously like it could be twins)
Me - boy, boy, girl (when Christa does it... but when Jennifer does it it's different every time leaving some speculation about the authenticity of our testing...oh well, it's still fun)
Steph - girl, boy

Anyone else ever tried this? What were your findings? Did it work or not work?


Quirky Christa said...

I can't believe I'm having a litter.

dafrhug said...

I tried it after Christa told me about it and it turned out true. Two children - boy then girl. Which of course I know is true. Thank God it didn't show any more children in my future. lol.

Jenny said...

Well i'm not having 4 kids. :)