Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hi-Lites and Low-Lites

In the past 7 days I:

- was pleasantly surprised to turn on Ellen Degeneres and listen to her say those words we are all longing to hear..."Wentworth Miller is on the show today" Here's the clip And for those of you who don't know who that is - shame on you! and tune into GLOBAL on Monday nights to watch "Prison Break"....bringing me to my next point:
- watched Prison Break on Monday night literally on the edge of my couch while my husband stared at me in disbelief over the excitement said show can bring to my life. I swear I could scream at the end of each episode cause I just want to KNOW what's going on and it always ends at such a good part!!!!
- Searched online for spoilers to find out how this season of "Prison Break" will end. (I'm one of those people who reads the ending of a book before beginning it...can't stand the suspense)
- Realized through the online search that Wentworth Miller was once a guest on BUFFY (the Vampire Slayer, that is!) Like, as if that show wasn't the b0mb already! Now I have one more reason to buy all seasons on DVD.

Ok, snap back to reality, and I:
- Bought a hanging flower basket for our front porch. I simply cannot contain my joy!
- Listened to Jamie every day state, "I think we're going to get grass today!" only to see him walk in the front door at the end of each day with a look of utter disappointment over still retaining our muddy brown yard.
- Watched hours of live B.C. eagle footage online anticipating the arrival of the new baby eaglet.
- Could have cried when one of the eggs "died" and was removed by the eagles from the nest.
- Literally prayed to God that the last egg would result in a little family for the eagles and the continuation of an endangered species.
- Walked with Christa whom I miss seeing every day at work. And we could never walk enough miles to say all the things we want to talk about.
- Realized that I am seriously going to be eaten alive by the blackflies and mosquitoes in my wonderful new home town in Acton.
- Had Jamie's ball tournament on the weekend and therefore got to spend a few hours with my nieces at the ball park and almost a full 24 hours with Erykah who had been asking ever since she knew it was spring, "when is ball park going to start?" (She has come to the ballpark with Jamie and I for the past 2 years).
- Began another season of Jamie injuring himself and requiring sympathetic attention at every single one of his ball games. This past week he slid into 3rd and skinned out his entire forearm.
- Taught Jamie how to properly put sheets on our bed. He simply LOATHES putting on the pillow cases....cause it's totally the hardest part!
- Got really upset when I washed a new shirt for the first time, saw that it was going to require intense ironing (which I just simply hate) and remembered how I forgot to do the "wrinkle-test" BEFORE I purchased it. Definition "Wrinkle-test": When you see a new item of clothing at the store, totally adore it, and then scrunch it up in your hand for a few seconds while it's on the rack. If when you let go it ends up being really wrinkled, you immediately step away from the garment because you detest ironing enough not to purchase it no matter how great it may be.
- Am happy to see that I am somewhat maintaining my Cuba tan even though I am scaling over like a dried cod.
- Created a kick-ass scrapbook page of my 3 little nieces. I am so inspired to have a full weekend devoted to my fabulous hobby! Girls, are ya with me on this one?
- Made the best gravy EVER and savored every last french fry with it and loads of ketchup.
- Received email responses from my college profs when I inquired about their opinions and recommendations regarding my interest in opening a daycare from our home.
- Was elated over finding out that there is a Mrs. Fields that opened up in the mall in Brampton.
- Was dismayed over finding out that there is a Mrs. Fields that opened up in the mall in Brampton. Close to work. Close enough to go on lunchbreak. To eat endless chocolate chunk brownies that are my favourite in the whole wide world. Oh my waistline!
- Spent $13.30 in candies and chocolate at the Bulk Barn. "Isn't she supposed to be trying to lose weight?" you may ask. Well I respond by sticking out my tongue in complete justification that my new "now-off-the-birth-control-pill" hormones are going nuts and I NEEDED some chocolate. And besides, like everyone who's anyone knows that the amount of candies you get at the Bulk Barn for $13.30 is really not THAT MUCH....right? Yeah...ha!

Ain't life grand?!

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Quirky Christa said...

That is the best post ever! I don't even know what to comment on? Think I'll just agree with the walking part since it's about I was thinking the same thing how even when we're finished walking our jaws are still flapping a mile a minute :)