Thursday, May 25, 2006

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne...

Lord Byron had the right idea. If only Jamie's dad had agreed. He arrived last week with his 2 brothers (sadly, to visit their dying brother in Sudbury) and proceeded to tell me about how he has GOING to bring lobsters but decided against it because Jamie doesn't like them. Well, screw Jamie, I say! Sorry babe, but HELLO...loving daughter-in-law here positively dying for fresh lobster. Perhaps I shouldn't complain since he brought me a case of bottled moose meat but STILL...COM'ON people, it's Lobster!

Despite his trangressions, I must admit it was nice to have Jamie's dad and Uncles with us for a couple of nights visit. Uncle Mike and Uncle Jack flew back yesterday morning. Jamie's dad will be staying and Barb will be arriving within the week to attend Jamie Caines' wedding on June 3rd.

Camping on the weekend was pretty fun. Jamie and I went just for Saturday night. Saturday ended up being a really nice day although a bit cool. But we managed to stay warm playing volleyball and having fun with Quinton's funnel and sitting by the fire later in the night. And of course once the night wears on and everyone gets pretty tipsy you forget about the cold cause you're laughing so freakin' hard:
At Corey Cullihall trying to play the guitar even tho' he couldn't even stand on his 2 feet
At Quinton and Brian betting each other to strip! "Man, I'll do it you do's it"
At Quinton and Darryl professing their undying love and friendship to each other...all slurred "Man, I lovsh you", "Man, I'm shum glad we're friends", "like man, we 'avs some fun eh?" and to Kristen, "Man, I'm sorry I keeps bringing out the funnel but man, I just wants ta 'av fun and I just wants everyone else to 'av fun too." (I don't recall seeing any arms twisted to do the funnel, you guys?! lmao!)
At Sun (sp?) telling the story of Brian going pee and she could see his "bird"
Ha ha!
Not so funny, on Saturday, OMG, we woke up to SNOW! Sheesh, what up wit dat?

We came back on Sunday and went to Bella's birthday party. It was mostly our family and a couple of Erykah's friends since Isabella doesn't really have any "friends" yet. It was cute! But she's not too keen on having Happy Birthday sung to her. Not sure why but when we brought out the cake and started in on the song she's like "NOOOOO!!!!" lol...funny girl.

Funny girl as illustrated in the following story as told to me by my sister: Yesterday, Isabella was "holding" the baby on the couch and the baby started to cry. My sister says "Ok, just a sec, Mommy will be right there to feed you." When Tracey walks into the room she sees Isabella holding the baby with her shirt up (in imitation of her mom breastfeeding). "I do it" she says. LMAO!! Tracey said she just about died and had to call me right away to tell me about it. Too much...they really DO imitate everything don't they?!

Gonna go post some pics now.


Quirky Christa said...

Isabella is such a character. Oh and it was Sunday morning that we got up to snow, you typed Saturday even though I'm sure everyone knows what you meant.

tara said...

OMG that is hilarious about Isabella. My sister once told my older of 2 nephews that one boob was chocolate milk and the other was orange juice (while breast feeding his younger brother). tee, hee!