Friday, May 19, 2006

Quote Woes from PC Insurance

I wouldn't advise any of you to call PC Insurance for a quotation unless you are definitely planning to sign up.

Back in the fall before we moved into the house we called to obtain a quote from them out of curiosity to see if it would be better than our current insurance. Everyone does this right? But we decided not to switch.

When we moved into the house we got all of the paperwork from PC with our BRAND NEW home and auto insurance package. Well thanks very much, but we never did change over to your company. Jamie called to tell them of the mistake. They told us we had to pay a cancellation fee! A WHAT? Cancellation fee to cancel something we never had?! You have got to be kidding?! So of course Jamie refused.

And so it began with the calls and the letters and the this and the that...

A few months later now after numerous phone conversations with PC customer service, faxes to PC Insurance with letters from our insurance company, proof of our current policy, etc. As well as many of those wonderful customer service reps telling us that the issue was resolved, no problem, sorry about the hassle, thanks and have a nice day....and NOW today we received a notice in the mail....
What kind of notice, you ask? A COLLECTION AGENCY NOTICE!!!

I am so pissed off right now I can not even stand it. I emailed "Silverman Helps" and everything. (That's the guy on cityTV who helps people with stupid idiotic problems like this). I cannot believe the gall of these insurance companies? As if I wasn't annoyed at paying them an arm and a leg already. Now they're sending us to collections for not paying $75.60 for a cancellation fee for a service we didn't receive! OMG, I swear I could seriously injure someone right now. It's totally not about the money, I mean $75.60 is not a huge deal if WE REALLY WERE WANTING TO CANCEL SOMETHING!

Our good credit is going to be marred by this?! Ugh! Oh the nerve! Oh MY nerves!

Any suggestions? recommendations? hitmen perhaps? (don't really mean the "hitman" part but I'm just really super angry right now).


Tre said...

Good Luck!! Not only do you now have to deal with idiotic insurance company, but even dumber collections agency. On the bright side, any collections "should" not go on your credit report if you contact them right away, explain(often with proof). It does not go on your report unless they have to report back to the company that they are not able to make contact and/or are unable to collect. I assume you did not sign anything so it may be a pain but and take a lot of phone calls, but it will work out. I would make a formal complaint to the BBB however and write a letter to a newspaper editor.

Stephanie said...

That is ridiculous. I would be so mad too. On a side note we have our mortgage with PC financial but luckily we`ve had no problems.

Quirky Christa said...