Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Time Ever

You may not believe this.

Last night I, for the first time ever, ate at Subway. The restaurant, that is. The one that makes the submarine sandwiches. But I guess the rest of y'all would know that being I'm probably the only person in North America who has never eaten there before. In fact, Quiznos is the only "sub-sandwich" making place I've ever eaten at (not counting Tim Hortons for their bagels). And I only tried it maybe about a year ago when Jamie's dad was visiting and I didn't want to be a horrible daughter-in-law and deny his lunch wishes.

"And why have I never tried these popular food establishments?", you may ask. I have a list as follows:

#1. I absolutely abhor. detest. hate with a passion MAYO! Since childhood I have associated sandwiches with mayonnaise and therefore never had any desire to try something potentially good with something I loathe so greatly.
#2. My mother would make me sandwiches with butter instead of mayo. I've been somewhat uneasy about asking anyone else besides her to prepare a sub/sandwich for me in such fashion.
#3. Love bread. Love meat. Love cheese. But quite honestly the thought of it all being thrown together in one single bite just never appealed to me before. I've always been a food separatist. Definition "food separatist": A person who cannot combine any foods together and must have invisible (if not real) sections between the meat and potatoes and salad on her plate. I assure you I am getting better in this regard.
#4. Don't like veggies much. Sandwiches are always garnished with lettuce and tomato and onions and pickles. Yuck. Why is it so wrong to just have the meat and add cheese? Why do you look at me so funny when I say "no garnish please" like I'm a sandwich criminal, like I'm the first person to ever not enjoy veggies. Lucky for me, I found at least one other person in the world who doesn't like veggies and then I married him. Ha! So there you veggie sandwich making people!
#5. Never realized all the other choices. Now that I've been introduced to the world of dressings and sauces OTHER THAN MAYO that can be added to a sandwich to give it flavour, I'm liking the idea of the bread and the meat and the cheese all being combined in one nice munchible package. Just imagine the endless possibilites!

So last night my hubby wanted to have subway - Chris told him about this fantastic new meatball sub on garlic bread something or another. And I agreed to go with but didn't plan to try the sub shop myself. But when I got there I said to myself "ah, what the heck. May as well try it" and I ordered up chicken and bacon with cheese on whole wheat 6" sub with the Southwestern Chipotle sauce...and it was fantastically delish!

And with that I've gotten over yet another hurdle caused in part by a childhood filled with the horror of mayo-riddled sandwiches.

Life has new meaning!


Quirky Christa said...

I love sandwiches and only like subs but I agree all the new sauces and combinations of things makes it a nice change every now and then.

Ickie said...

I love subway. I could eat there everyday. Question, have you ever tried Pita Pit. That place is awesome too.

myrna_weblog said...

Nope, never tried the Pita Pit...I live a very sheltered life :)