Friday, February 17, 2006

Are you afraid of the dark?

I know this will sound incredibly silly and completely unnatural (with the nocturnal thing and all) but I think my cat may be afraid of the dark. No, seriously! He chases me around everywhere so when I go to the basement to do laundry he follows me there too. And he seems to like it down there, seems to have a desire to remain lying on the cold cement...but as soon as I walk up those stairs and turn off the light, he bolts up the stairs like a "cat out of hell" ...he, he...sorry had to say it. But yeah, I's weird. And he always sleeps right outside our door during the night because I'm a really mean mom who won't let him stay in our bedroom.

And I think it could be a case of "like mother, like son" as I realized last night:

Since moving to Acton, it seems we lose power quite often, almost every time we have heavy snow or rain. So, of course, being the big wuss that I am, I secretly freak out on the inside about the fact that we have absolutely NO flashlights in the house with functioning batteries. And last night as the lights were flickering, I knew I still had to go to the basement to get laundry out of the dryer. I cursed the flashlights (all 3 of them) and went to light a candle that I could carry around with me in the event of possible complete power failure. And I go downstairs carrying the flaming candle... and I fold my 2 loads of laundry... and then I attempt to carry the heavy laundry basket full of flammable linens and cottons and wools, etc. in one arm back up the stairs while clumsily carrying the ignition source in the other hand....all of this with feline under foot. Hmmm...fear really has a tendency to make one quite irrational, doesn't it?

And then I went to bed safe and sound with my already snoring heavily (kinda like a power saw) husband and listened to the pouring rain and the beeping smoke detector signifying that the power really did finally go out.


Quirky Christa said...

You're so funny! The thunder clapped so loud once last night that it woke me least you had hubby to cuddle in too :)

tara said...

It's funny...we go through this 'afraid of the dark' thing EVERY night with Noah (poor guy)! We even wrote a note and taped it on his door for the monsters. It basically tells them to go to Mommy & Daddy's room to scare us and not him!!! But we have to leave his little light on 24/7. Even when we drive in the car at night....he is afraid of the dark! You poor preople that are afraid in the dark!!!