Friday, February 10, 2006

Day 5 of the Evil Soup Diet meat and tomatoes day. Meat and tomatoes. But what to have for breakfast? Meat and tomatoes aren't breakfast foods. Well, maybe they are but not in my world. So in an effort to find an alternative I searched this diet online. One variety of the diet said that it was okay to have a cup of bran or other fibrous cereal after day 4. So bran it was that I had for breakfast this morning. And Jennifer suggested that I have bacon, so I had some of that too with my green tea.

I found it really hard to get down my beef and tomatoes at lunch. I think I was still feeling really full from the bran and bacon.

And the diet says to eat a lot of tomatoes - I admit that lunchtime is the only time today that I had ANY. That's the first thing I cheated with today. And, I admit for dinner I ate some of Jamie's french fries (I KNOW!!! I'M SORRY!!) with my skinless chicken breast.

This is so hard! I have to make up by keeping busy and eating really well tomorrow with the meat and veggies. Again, I'm going to have the breakfast dilemma but at least I can have a salad for lunch which I'm really excited about. Salad has really been the one thing I've enjoyed during this week.

Saturday -- yup, that's going to be a hard day -- I really have to keep occupied -- clean, clean, scrapbook, scrapbook, and more scrapbook! I hope my scrappers block is over!

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