Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Little Old Lady vs. The Young Punk

Driving home yesterday I witnessed a close call, nearly an accident:

(And who would you believe if faced with the decision of choosing between the story told by the little old lady and the story told by the young punk?)

Driver A minding their own business driving along in the left lane after just having made a nice left hand turn at the stop light up ahead.

Driver B swerving out of the parking lot on the left, across the road and way over the line almost completely cutting off Driver A.

I was stopped at the light and saw all this happen and was just holding my breath and waiting for the collision. Thankfully, no collision occurred.

But I thought of the police officer approaching the scene of this hypothetical accident. Who would he believe had there been no witnesses? Who would he be inclined to side with in the instance of Driver B stretching the truth to their obvious advantage. This police officer would be faced with a case involving completely opposite ends of the societal spectrum:

Driver A: SUV driving, sideways baseball cap, tattooed and pierced, black baggy bomber jacket, possibly new driver, young punk!!

Driver B: Silver sedan driving, permed white hair, stopping in at the local library to read over the top of the glasses perched across her nose, tweed jacket, delicate little old lady.

I'm pretty certain, as I face-up to my prejudices, who I would have believed had I been the police officer in this potential situation.
And that's pretty sad.


Ickie said...

I would believe the punk guy for sure. I dont trust little old ladies. :)

Stephanie said...

Both groups are too often stereotyped. Myself, I would tend to believe the young punk guy. I think there are a lot of seniors that are horrible drivers. (my friends grandmom hit a 4 year old boy once)

As for my shoes, I told cory I need to catch up to the norm. Any excuse to shop. he he