Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 7 of the Evil Soup Diet (The End)

Well it's day 7...finally! And I have to say that the diet only actually lasted 6 days because today I absolutely and utterly BLEW IT! Today was supposed to be rice and veggies. I did have rice and vegetables but I had lots of other stuff too.

It all started this morning at church. An older couple introduced themselves to Jamie and I and after chatting for a bit they invited us to their house for lunch. And we went, we probably could have come up with some excuse not to go but nothing came to us in the moment, we stumbled over ourselves, "well it's up to you honey"..."oh no, really, it's up to you" we said yes. And it really was a great lunch with very nice people but it started off the ruination of rice day. We did have rice and salad (excellent!) but there was chicken and rye bread also (of which I sampled both).

For dinner, I had leftover salmon and strawberries...neither of which are on the agenda for today. AND, to top it all off, I bought brownies and ate some!!! EEEEKK!!

But overall I feel satisfied with what I've accomplished over the week. I must say that it was much easier at work with my diet buddy, Mike, to talk to AND the girls keeping me in line ensuring my success. As the weekend approached I knew it would be difficult to resist the temptations of being at home all day with all the food choices my cupboards would provide.

Total weight loss for the week as of this moment: 8 lbs.

It was 8 lbs yesterday too so I'm certain if I had followed along today I could have made the 10 lb mark that the diet promises.

This week I embark on the continuation of healthier eating. Weight watchers point I come!!


Quirky Christa said...

Congrats on the 8lbs. even with a bit of cheating you did quite well. Keep up the healthy habits :)

dafrhug said...

Congrats on your weight lost, hope you keep it up.