Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 1 of the Evil Soup Diet

As some of you know, I've decided to do this crazy soup diet that I saw on a blogger website. It's kinda like a "fast" to clean your body of impurities. I really think I need the kickstart to get back on track with some weight loss.

Today is soup and fruit day -
The fruit I can handle. I'm really a fruit lover.

The soup, on the other hand, is vegetable soup. I love soup but I really hate vegetables. Normally my soup consists of a meat base (beef or chicken) with potatoes and carrots and turnip. This soup has tomatoes and green beans and celery and peppers and millions of carrots. And supposedly, the more soup you eat, the better this diet will work. This is going to be a problem...but I'm not giving up. I will do this! Tonight I will puree my soup for supper so I don't have to eat those chunks of legumes.

Check in tomorrow for "Day 2 of the Evil Soup Diet" when Myrna turns into the bitchiest girl you ever did meet due to sugar withdrawal and the fact that day 2 is an "all veggie day". Some a little prayer for me will ya?


Quirky Christa said...

Well if you're about to have a breakdown or anything give me a call maybe we could go for a walk or something :)

dafrhug said...

I plan on trying the diet too but I need to make a trip to the grocery store. I like veggies alot so I'm hoping it will go ok. Keep the update of how it's going so that I know someone else is suffering along with me. lol.