Monday, February 06, 2006

Baby Shower

Tracey's baby shower was a great success...big thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who sent along gifts!

We had fun playing tacky shower games. I tried desperately to come up with something different that we hadn't already played at the last 2 showers. So with the clothespin game (the one where you usually can't cross your legs or say "baby"). Well, we tried something a little different and you weren't allowed to say the guest of honours name, "Tracey". This made for a very fun afternoon since most people want to chat with Tracey and end up saying her name across the room to get her attention. "Hey You" just didn't seem to cut it. And of course, Aunt Val won this game. She always does! he he :)

And we also played the game where you have to guess the baby food inside the unlabelled jars. Funny! Some of them are so hard! And I did a new game that I hadn't seen before where I placed a bunch of various "baby items" (I.e. socks, diaper shirt, infant cereal, plug-in covers, bottle) inside brown paper bags and guests had to figure out the items by feeling the outside of the bag only. And then we ended up having a bunch of people who were tied for first place with 7 out of 8 items correct. Our tie-breaker was this - I brought Tracey into the kitchen and whoever could remember the most items she was wearing (clothes and jewellry) would win. Cousin Michelle won this AND the baby food if I'm not mistaken. She really knows her baby shower games!

I'm posting a couple of pics of the gift opening. Tracey got the one big item that she really needed, a tandum (double) stroller because Isabella is still too little to walk around on her own. Otherwise, guests really gave awesome stuff. Tracey said she really needed diapers and wipes, of course, and lots of diaper shirts and sleepers. She already has a lot of the other baby stuff from her first two. She did very well! Thanks again!

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