Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm at 2 Peas

Tara first introduced me to 2Peas in a, a website where she posts her scrapbook layouts, cards, photoshoots, etc.

I have finally decided to become a member and have begun posting my layouts as well. You can check me out at the following web address:

I still have a bunch of layouts to post. And there are always new layouts being created, even though I'm currently stumped, no creative juices flowing whatsoever. Oh well, it'll come back to me I'm sure. I think I'm just feeling overwhelmed at falling behind and I really want to get started on my wedding album soon - and I'm intimidating myself with my own need for perfection with the wedding layouts...he, he :)

It would be an absolute dream come true to actually have one of my pages published one sweet would that be??!!

Thanks for looking!


Quirky Christa said...

Congrats...I was so excited for you that I signed up too! Let's hope for good things :)

tara said...

OH MY....I'm so excited that you have become a PEA!!! I can't wait to check your stuff out!