Thursday, July 09, 2009

All Worth It!

There are days when being a mommy can be very tough...yes, very tough indeed. And I am only a mommy to one little, not to mention how tough it would be to have more kiddies.

Then there are moments that make you forget absolutely everything else in the world. Not a single difficulty matters, no problem seems too great, the mess is absolutely forgotten, and chores can wait.

A moment like, when yesterday, while I was working on supper and standing in front of the fridge, Sarah ran up and wrapped her little body around my leg as tight as possible and said, "Yuv oo mommy" (Love you mommy). And I melted and immediately folded into a big puddle of mush onto the kitchen floor and gave my little one the biggest hugs ever!

Life, in that moment, stops. Time stands still (if you let it). Nothing else matters. Hearing that tiny little voice utter those giant words is a memory that will sit with me for eternity.

Love you too baby girl! Love you til the end of time and beyond!


Quirky Christa said...

Sniffle, sniffle

Anonymous said...

geez, your going to make me cry

Tara said...

WAAAAH....that is SO adorable! Cherish these moments, because what I am learning that these moments are few, far and in between!!!

'sniffle, sniffle'

Lily (: said...

Love it!
Little kids are adorable =]