Thursday, July 02, 2009

Back on the Rock

We got back on Monday from our mini weekend vacation to New Brunswick to attend Sheldon and Meaghan's beach wedding. It was so great to get away, even if only for a couple of days. I have a feeling this will be our only vacation this summer so I really wanted to make the best of it.

Jennifer, Chris, and baby Lucas along with Jamie, Sarah, and I decided to rent a mini-van and hit the road together. We thought this would make the road trip a little more interesting and with such a short time, even the hours spent on the road, need to be good ones spent in good company. We left super early (5am) on Thursday morning to catch the ferry crossing in Port-au-Basques at 10:30am. It was a good crossing and the kiddies did wonderfully. Unfortunately, it was very foggy and we weren't permitted out on deck - I was really looking forward to bringing Sarah out to watch the waves.

The drive from North Sydney into Shediac went pretty well. Sarah started getting antsy the last couple of hours and Lucas decided he'd had enough the last hour of the drive. But after stopping and giving them a rest (and a meal, in Lucas's case), we arrived at our cottage around 10:30 Thursday night.

I had pictures of the cottage (a very cute little place where a lot of other wedding guests stayed as well and made for some very interesting pre-wedding night entertainment for our guys...sorry, no pics of that although I only wish I had been motivated enough to stay up until dawn...I'm certain the photos would have been worth it...until the next morning, that is!) Umm...oh yeah, I HAD more photos of our trip, the cottage, Sarah on the playground, etc. but I've lost them somehow. I'm really hoping they didn't get deleted from the memory card but that's what it looks like right now.

Jenny and I got to do a little bit of shopping, despite protests from the guys. But I got to tell ya - between the mall and the fast food joints and the Michaels store - Moncton's customer service is certainly not the friendliest. Wow! At one McD's it took Chris LITERALLY a half hour to get 2 fountain pops, the mall wouldn't let us use a shopping cart to put Lucas's carrier in, and the Michaels store put Jennifer's items into TWO bags but only handed her ONE bag, which we didn't discover until we were well on our way back to Nfld. Ugh!

But our reason for the entire trip was to attend Sheldon and Meaghan's wedding and it was an absolutely beautiful event. It was very casual, short and sweet, on Parlee beach. It actually reminded me quite a bit of my own wedding. Everyone standing around in shorts and sundresses in their barefeet, barely hearing anything being said because of the sound of the waves on the shore. Awesome! And I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how GORGEOUSLY STUNNING this couple is. Sheldon is totally the epitome of hotness and Meaghan is quite possibly one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. Together, well, let's just say I can't wait to see their perfect little offspring. lol :)

We got to visit Hopewell Rocks as well. I've always wanted to visit the bay of Fundy to see the extreme tides, I find it absolutely fascinating. I love the ocean as it is but this was simply a magnificent spot to see.

Sarah and Lucas both did SO well on the trip. Lucas was a great baby. He is certainly a little screamer and does not hesitate in the least to let you know when he wants something. But for the most part, he slept during the drive, slept during the wedding, and ate everywhere in between. Sarah decided that she did indeed like her "U-cas" now (after stating "no yike dat" in previous visits) and was constantly asking "Where is he?" when he wasn't in sight. I think we both have super children..and such cuties too, I might add.

On the way back, we stopped and ate at Mother Webbs for the best steak, like, EV-ER! And we crossed on the 11:30 pm ferry crossing back to Newfieland on Sunday night. It was a good crossing and we managed to get a few hours sleep in our bunks but STILL didn't get to go out on deck. And I am beginning to think that rain and fog are constants in Port-au-Basques and Cape, what yucky weather in those spots!

And now it's back to reality once again. Luckily, my reality here in Newfoundland at the moment includes beautiful warm sunny weather and I can't wait to go for a swim this afternoon!

Do you have vacation plans for this summer?


Quirky Christa said...

Lost your pictures? I'm so sad!!!
At least you had a great trip ;) Hope the weather is nice when I'm home.

mjbudgell said...

wow...what a small world!
I started reading your blog through Tara, and well, I know Sheldon and Meagan! :o)

Myrna Hynes said...

mjbudgell - it IS a small world! Were you at the wedding, by chance? Do you have a blog also?