Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holy Hectic Batman!

It's been a crazy weekend. Monday came and went and I still couldn't grasp that Saturday had arrived yet!

Della and Jamie's wedding went over AWESOME, if I must say so myself. The rain held up for the outdoor ceremony at the lighthouse and the photographer got her shots, without droplets on her lens, for the most part.

Supper had a bit of a hiccup (eek! Send Myrna into panic mode here!). We were told, as the caterers, that supper would be starting at 6pm SHARP. Now, most of us knows this NEVER happens at any large event - the SHARP part, that is. But the bride and groom are very prompt and insisted their wedding be on time as well. So, there we were in the kitchen, caesar salad appetizers all mixed and ready to be served on time, when the DJ decides to not show up and puts us all behind an hour! Needless to say, the lettuce was really starting to wilt in the heat and I was really starting to worry. But the happy couple assured me it was fine and not my fault, I was doing what was asked of me by being ready at the requested time. Phew!! And the roast beef dinner - well, the only complaint I got was that there was too much food on the plate. Double Phew!! I figure better too much than not enough, right?!

And catering wedding #1 tucked under the belt - quite an adventure I never thought I'd be on.

On Saturday as well, I decorated this cake for THIS grand opening. The 7-legged octopus was my first attempt at fondant and I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

Sunday was another fun day with Christa and her Nikon as she spent a few hours with us in the afternoon to take our family pictures. I'm SOoooo super excited to see how they turn out and can't wait to show everyone. I've just got to tell ya, Sarah had the cutest wardrobe for the shoot, and yours truly was smokin' hot (I've never worn so much eye makeup in my life, I swear!) for her shots with dad's lonely old '52 chev pickup truck. You'll see!

Then we had our mainlander/visiting back home friends over for a bbq. Neil and Jacob, Daphne, Colin and their kids, Joshua and Caitlynn, and Christa & Kristen. It was DELISH! Thanks Jamie for cooking up a great skoff! I just loved having everyone over. I hardly ever get to see these guys anymore and having them all together - with me! - in Newfoundland! - at my house! - WOW! A girl just couldn't be happier!

Last night was Christa's baby shower which I hosted at my little cafe. We had an awesome turnout of family and friends - Thanks everyone! - and I think it went over very well. Christa got fantastic gifts, the games were fun fun fun, the cake turned out cute and yummy to boot, and the food was scrumptious. Jenny came over from NP with baby Lucas to stay the night - added bonus! And Christa is her adorable little turquoise checked sundress over that baby bump - I just can't take my eyes off her, she's so beautiful! (Insert sniffles here because she's leaving ALREADY in just a couple of days...boohoo!)

As a bonus, with all the running around and neglecting to count my points on paper (my head doesn't add things up all that well for some reason), I still managed to drop 1/2 a pound. I'm okay with that and happy to be on track a little better so far this week.

Hope your weekend was as fun-filled as mine.


Stephanie said...

Excellent job on the cake

Quirky Christa said...

Love the cake...I should try to get to that gallery before I leave tomorrow

Anonymous said...


The dinner for our wedding was AMAZING people are still talking about delish it was, thanks again for all your hard work and the hard work of your ladies!! One of the best catered dinners we've ever been too!!

Della and Jamie