Friday, July 31, 2009

Still Got It

I had to go to Deer Lake yesterday. There are always errands to run when you own a variety store, always little things to pick up here and there, bank deposits,to do, office supplies to replenish, etc.

I drove with my Mom and Granny. We pulled into the parking lot of the hardware store - I had to pick up an order the hubster had called in earlier. One of the guys who works there was standing at the glass door. I've seen him before - very lean, average height, sandy-coloured hair, Indian ink tattoos from his early days, neither attractive nor unattractive, but with a glint in his eye that speaks of "bad-boyishness".

I approach the door and it swings open.
I think: "Ah, being a gentlemen I see..."
Forgive me, but I do love when a man opens a door for me.
I look up and smile and say "Thank you".
And he looks back at me as I pass and in response says, "You must have just fell from heaven!"
BAHAHAHAHAHA....I kid you not, I wouldn't lie, that man ACTUALLY spoke those words!
I immediately think: "Oh yeah, angel right here...and you sir, are probably the devil in disguise."
But as I sway by and glance back over my shoulder, all I can do is giggle like a schoolgirl.
I continue on, feeling his eyes on my back. (But then I think: Well Myrna, good or bad, it's kinda hard to miss this "volumptuous" booty...ha)
I walk up to the counter , get my stuff, and leave the store.

Maybe the guy's just a sucker for a girl who can carry a 50lb box of nails.

I got in the truck and cracked up laughing, telling my mom and grandmother how I just got hit on. They both had a good laugh too and mom agreed with my "devil in disguise" analysis. Too funny!

But still, in a strange and twisted way, it sorta made my day.
I still got it
Oh yeah
It's your birthday
Get your groove on

Call me a sucker for compliments.

But still, I think I'll send the hubster to the hardware store himself next time.


Quirky Christa said...

LOL...that's awesome. No matter who the compliment comes from, its still a compliment. Enjoy it :)

Janis Nicolle said...

hahah that is great stuff!

Tara said...

OH my gosh Myrna...THAT is hilarious how you wrote your post! You made my day!!!

Anonymous said...

Myrna, I just realized that I posted my comment in your previous post. Who knows what I was doing for that to happen!

"Still got it Sexy Mama"