Saturday, July 04, 2009

Weight Watchers Update

I was so nervous coming back from vacation just KNOWING I would have gained back some of the 11 lbs I had lost the 6 weeks or so before.

And then I ALWAYS have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after a vacation, no matter how short, when I return home. For about a week after, I'm still eating vacation-style (that, for me, would mean take-out, french fries, chocolate, Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches and chocolate muffins, and pretty much anything I want without any thought of calorie counting).

So this morning on my usual Saturday morning weigh-in I was seriously expecting a gain of at least a couple of pounds. But much to my surprise and absolute delight, I had actually LOST another 1/2 pound.

Bah! 1/2 pound you say! Well, considering I am the type of person who can be anywhere from 2 - 5 lbs heavier the same day at night than in the morning. Uh, Yeah! That, for me, was enough to jump up and down and go try on my old bathing suit just so I could remind myself once again of my goals.

And the points counting continues on again this week - 11.5 lbs gone, only 32.5 more to go! I'm one quarter of the way there already!


Quirky Christa said...

Congrats :)

Lily (: said...

I was searching around and I finally found a blog I thought was interesting! Congrats on losing that 1/2 pound. I love it when I think I've gained weight but I actually lost it.

follow me back?


Tara said...

YAY Myrna...that is SO awesome. I (on the other hand) did not do so well on our 18 day vacation - I GAINED 6.5 lbs! WOOPS....but I'm back on track now!

Best of luck!

Janis Nicolle said...

That is Awesome! Congrats:)