Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

This was a great weekend for me. It was my birthday on Saturday and I love birthdays! (Well so far, at least...maybe next year when I hit 30 I won't be quite so enthusiastic).
I always get spoiled at work with gifts from the ladies in the office - this year I got a garden stone, cookbooks, gift card, a candle, and chocolate!
Friday night we all (Jamie and I, Jen and Chris, Christa and Kristen, my brother Darren and Christa's brother, Blaine) went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean". Fun! Really enjoyed that!
Saturday was an absolute scorcher (40deg) so Christa and Kristen suggested we go to Kelso beach to hang out for the afternoon. Jamie isn't a big fan of the beach but he HAD to comply since it was my birthday. And I LOVE the beach so it was great for me. Certainly a great way to cool down instead of sitting inside all day in a/c.
All day I was getting calls from my family back home. Just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside to feel the love. he he :) And my dear wonderful sister (God bless her) who is arriving from Newfoundland on Wednesday is bringing me LOBSTER!
On Saturday night we had a bunch of people over for deep-fried chicken and french fries (Jen's idea and how could I say No to that dinner suggestion?!). We had some great hors d'ouvres (sp?) of coconut shrimp with thai sauce, grilled shrimp with garlic butter, nacho chips with a couple of dips: Cream cheese with sweet chili sauce and crab cheese dip. YUM! AND, I got some nice gifts. Jamie gave me a "GOOD" curling iron (the salon style ones that actually curl your hair properly). Jenny and Christa gave me a gift card for Michaels (Yay! More scrapbook stuff!), a really pretty sweater and a kick-ass black purse to add to my collection. Above all, I love getting together and hanging out with our friends no matter what the occasion OR for no occasion at all. Just makes me feel great inside to know I have some wonderful people around me to share life with.
Thanks guys for another fantastic year of memories!


dafrhug said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Isn't it great to have so many friends and family in your life.

Quirky Christa said...

You're welcome :) It was a fun birthday and DELICIOUS dinner!

Messa1981 said...

Happy Belated!! Sounds like you had a great one!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Here`s to many more.